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Write an Academic Paper

Everyone knows that writing academic papers is a complicated process. A huge percent of students face many problems when they have to write papers sized from 5 to 10 pages. It is a common and widespread number of pages for various types of tasks in schools, colleges, and universities. It takes a lot of time to choose the topic, to find information, to write the text (at least 5-10 pages), to check it, etc. Thus, it makes this process horrible. This article aims to point out the most typical students’ writing mistakes concerning structure, logic, theme, etc. and how to avoid them. Use these rules and tips to make your writing and life more comfortable.

The first step is choosing a theme. It is very significant to choose your research topic correctly. You should find such a problem, which you will understand well. Then check the access to the resources, which you will have to read before writing. Be clever! Do not take too many resources. It will take a lot of time to read and analyze all materials. However, do not either choose such a topic, on which you will have too little information. Find a “gold middle” with the actual problem and enough resources.

The second step is making a work-plan. The most popular mistake among students is that they cannot realize the structure of their paper. Remember that each paper (5 or 10 pages, the length does not matter) should consist of Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. All your information has to be put into these three parts. Let us consider each of them more deeply.


This part may be short or long, which depends on your topic. Usually, it takes 10 percent of your whole research paper. However, this section is extremely significant. It includes two main points: the research question and thesis statement. Firstly, you should determine and describe the problem and present it to your readers. Secondly, write down your own view, your own thesis statement concerning this issue. You must pay attention to the reasons, results or solution ways. Both research question and thesis statement should be clear as much as it is possible.

Main Body

Approximately 80 percent of all information should be put in this part of your paper. Usually, it takes 1100-2200 words or 18-20 paragraphs of more than 100 words. Please, remember these numbers and make a body section correspond them. Each your item should be unique and connected with the central thesis statement. The way of your writing may be various. For example, it is common to use a three-stage structure: 1) arguments, 2) opposite evidence, 3) controversial issues. In this way, you will be able to write a cogent and attractive paper according to all academic requirements.


The conclusion takes the last 10 percent of your paper. You should mention your thesis statement one more time here and underline the main and the most cogent arguments. Many students claim that a good summing-up is 50 percent of your grade.

Proofread Your Paper!

Read it by yourself a few times, and then ask someone to read it. Correct all grammar and stylistic mistakes! Let the well-checked paper bring you an excellent mark!

Good luck!

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