Gender Roles

Once Oscar Wilde said: “Women have a much better time than men in this world; there are far more things forbidden to them.” There is a great grain of truth in this statement even nowadays as gender roles still exist and do dictate some terms to men and women. Despite all the endeavors to fight gender inequalities, the modern society provides the abundance of examples where people follow the imposed role of a specific gender, especially this concerns women who have the rights to do what they want, in most cases, only "theoretically."

First of all, gender roles happen since the moment of the birth of a child. When a child comes to this world, he or she is already get bombarded with specific attitude from adults, as well as things and choices. Boys are obviously introduced with such toys as guns, cars, and other masculine things, whereas girls have to play with dolls, kitchens, and other feminine stuff. Frankly speaking, adults don’t give the kids a choice to choose. They don’t even consider presenting a pink-colored kitty to a boy or a super-fast purple car to a girl. Subconsciously, we are still programmed to accept that boys have to grow brave, strong, and definitely not whining, whereas girls ought to be soft, obedient, and can whine from time to time.

Furthermore, when children get older, they face the fact that their roles are already prescribed in the society and that they are to opt for the ways that are typical for their genders. So, if a teenage girl plays brilliant football or is keen on carpentry, the chances are that her parents will grow concern and eventually try to talk her into trying something “more appropriate to a girl.”

The same happens when a woman enters the so-called man world of business or politics. Whenever she tries to show her skills and prove that she is as good as a guy who wears pants and drinks beer, as it is ingrained in men, she will get stigmatized for not acting like a woman. Gender roles dictate here that even at work, building a career, men can act fiercely in order to achieve the goals, but for a woman, it is regarded as an unforgivable act of betraying her sex and setting the sights on male attributes.

The society imposes certain roles that should be played exceptionally by men and women. Although men have to deal with constant playing of a role of a strong, imperturbable guy who is deprived of emotionality and sensitivity, they are less likely to be treated unfairly or harshly when it comes to getting the salary, refusing to raise kids, or wearing fewer clothes on hot summer days.

It is laudable for a man to act within his gender role and even beyond it; however, for a woman, there are 1001 not written rules regarding her role, which she is to follow. A woman has to be feminine, but she should not overuse her charms, she has to be smart but not too smart in order not to lose her female charms, she has to be strong but at the same time act weak, otherwise she will not be attracted in the eyes of the opposite gender. Despite all talks about gender equality, the engrained roles still exist, and if want a fair society, we have to admit it and let women act the way they feel.


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