Even though Sense8 first aired in 2015, it’s still not too late to catch up with the already existing two seasons of this gripping series. Depicting current issues of our society through a sci-fi scenario, Sense8 is something completely fresh in the field of TV-shows. It’s intriguing, well-filmed, diverse, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons why you should watch Sense8.

The Characters

Looking for a show that includes all races and genders? Look no more, Sense8 will cater to this requirement completely. The eight main characters find themselves mentally connected while living all over the world. A criminal from Berlin, a police officer from Chicago, a martial arts whizz from Seoul, a transgender computer genius from San Francisco, a DJ from Reykjavik, a bus driver from Nairobi, a gay actor from Mexico City, and a pharmacist from Mumbai create a diverse cluster in which everyone brings something from themselves.

The Settings

Since the characters come from all over the globe, the action takes place in many different locations. All scenery you see was filmed in real life and you have a chance to see the most vibrant and spectacular parts of all continents. It might be a bit confusing at first, but you quickly learn to distinguish places as you get immersed into the series more and more.

The Pace

Sense8 is fast. It’s not a series you’d turn on in the background while cleaning your living room because in order to keep up you need to pay attention. However, when you do, you get completely gripped by all the action happening. And there is something happening all the time since there are eight different people who are tightly connected. Scenes switch with lightning speed, all characters act fast and after every episode you need to take a moment to let go of the breath you were holding all the time.

The Issues

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Sense8 takes a very deep look into the issues of modern society. Poverty, drug problems, racism, homophobia, politics, and religion are depicted through the lives of all characters because each of them deals with something. Nevertheless, we see that wherever you come from, the problems are the same everywhere and we’re all equal human beings.

The Relations

Since the eight characters find themselves intertwined, they eventually develop very deep relationships. We can see the birth of love, friendship, and brotherhood. At the same time, all characters have other people in their lives so we can have a look into an example of an unhappy marriage, a conflict between siblings and parents, and happy romantic and family relationships. In the end, we get a full picture of all possible scenarios you can come across in real life.

Finally, one more reason why you should check Sense8 out is the name Wachowskis. These masterminds have created some of the most notable examples of cinematography so you can be sure that when they are at work, you get an impressive result. The world has already agreed on that, have a look for yourself now.



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