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Good Leadership Skills

Sometimes, your movements and gestures can say more about you than you can do this using words. Body language is a peculiar and important discipline that can help you a lot in different spheres of your life. So, if you want to become a leader, you have to master leader-like motions.

 Body Language in Communication

  • Keep Your Head Straight.You should not tilt your head or somehow put it at the angle. You need to "face" the audience.
  • Smile That Grows.  Do not smile instantly as if you are trying to make a good impression. Have a little charm and send everyone nonverbal messages with your emerging smile.
  • Never Hide Your Eyes. Don't stare at your audience and do not lose an eye contact with them. Switching your glance from the audience is one of the worst nonverbal messages!
  • Point Easily. If you are showing or pointing at something, do it easily and with a full extended hand. Using your index finger only may seem somehow aggressive and bossy.
  • Redundant Moves. Avoid such moves. When you are fiddling a pen, pulling your shirt, or beating a table with your fingertips, your anxiety is exposed to everyone. These moves will not make a good leader.
  • Be Dynamic. Make some motion around the stage, especially when explaining something or sharing a complicated idea, so that you may lose your patience to fix your body posture. Hence, make a dozen of light steps across the stage to make your speech more rhythmic. But don't run circles while speaking! Your audience should clearly see you and be able to trace your motion of body and ideas to be shared with them.
  • A Good Pause Is A Remedy. Making a timely pause will focus the attention of the audience on you. You can also separate logical parts of your performance in the most convenient way. If any noise (or perhaps applause!) does occur, let it calm down and keep speaking.


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