Legalizing Cannabis

Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs represented by a greenish mixture of dried flowers, leaves,  stems and seeds of the plant, also known as Cannabis sativa. Since in some places of the world it is legal, there two completely contradictive versions, which support and disprove the idea of marijuana’s legalization.

It is scientifically proved that cannabis has medical benefits and is used in medicine to prevent epilepsy, treat glaucoma and ease the symptoms of sclerosis. Medical marijuana is also prescribed in case a patient suffers from poor appetite or weight loss, Seizure disorders and Crohn’s illness.

Moreover, in comparison to other legal drugs, like alcohol and tobacco, marijuana is less addictive and harmful to our health. It’s considered that its prohibition deprives the consenting adults from the pleasure of smoking weed, a natural product, used for medical treatment.

However, people often forget about the drug’s side effects and, in most cases, abuse with the consumption of marijuana, which, apart from positive influence (in strictly controlled cases), has an extremely dangerous addictive impact on our health.

In fact, marihuana contains THC substance, which intoxicates our organism and causes a “high” effect. Smoking or munching marihuana both develops mental health problems and harms our lungs. Concerning mental problems, marijuana smokers have poor memory, may develop schizophrenia and are prone to depression and suicide thoughts. Such people are emotionally unstable, lack motivation and are bad at decision-making.  

Regarding marihuana’s addictiveness, it is a toxic substance, which creates mind alterations and poisons our body. There is a myth that smoking marijuana doesn’t lead to consumption of harder drugs or development of addiction, which dealers spread in order to convince people to buy a product. In reality, it is a highly obsessive hard-to-withdraw drug, the abusive consumption of which leads to improper social behavior, like mugging or prostitution, bigger chances to commit a crime, as well as risk of heart attack and development of other health problems.

The legalization of marijuana in the world should still go through a thorough consideration of researches and governments. Despite its medical benefits, it remains to be a soft drug, dangerous for a person’s mental capacity.


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