Writing is an important aspect of education that is why most of the academic institutions include it in their curriculum. Extensive quantity of writing assignments has only one goal in mind which is to train the student to write properly by the time they get bachelor’s degree. But why is it considered important in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at this.

It Is One of the Key Forms of Communication in Many Spheres of Life

Where would we be without words, books and all that knowledge which was transmitted throughout millennia via ancient manuscripts and books? We owe everything to writing – if our ancestors wouldn’t leave clues, explaining how they reached their level of development we’d remain on the same level. Communication is what keeps the world moving and it’s one of the essential aspects of our existence. It is needed to understand each other, chose one direction and follow it, form trusting relationships and evolve as species. Written communication is one of the important forms of communication. From modern e-mails to ancient writings on the wall, it’s what keeps us moving forward. Looking from a more pragmatic point of view it’s necessary to have good writing skills in the modern world because otherwise, you may end up composing pieces of writing which have lots of mistakes that will certainly lead to miscommunication and loss of understanding. In addition, the absence of understanding is one of the main problems of mankind. It’s also a problem which gets people fired.

Most Jobs Require You This Skill to Some Extent

Whether it’s a teacher who drafts a plan of lessons, a lawyer working on the legal side of a business deal or a law enforcement officer writing a report – they all require writing skills. No matter the job you’re pretending for, the employer will require you to be at least somewhat competent in writing and if you want a high-paid job than you would need to have excellent writing skills. Therefore, all these writing assignments in the college have the meaning and they are made to prepare you for mature life.

It Utilizes One’s Critical-Thinking, Education and Intelligence

It is true that most of us can write words and shape them into sentences, then take these sentences and expand them into paragraphs and then take these paragraphs and shape them into a piece of writing. However, doing this on a pro level is difficult. Knowing how to write without grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors is just one part of the equation. Another important thing is it to have a great idea behind your writing and be skilled enough to write in a way that causes readers to think or experience certain emotions.  This skill is not something that’s gained easily and it can only be earned over time. Good writing is a combination of capacity to retain information, intelligence, and clever communication.

Usually, those who write well are also skilled speakers, because writing is a lively extension of person’s speech. As well as speech it’s an indicator of one’s intelligence, education and critical thinking. Therefore, a skillfully composed piece of writing says a lot about these qualities of a person.

Conclusion – writing skill is not something that professors want you to have out of their whim. They want you to have it to be successful in life. 


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