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How to Create a Book Analysis Correctly

The analysis of the book involves the study of its structural and semantic elements. To write it correctly, use these hints. Explore the following criteria. Tell the audience what are the problems and topic of the story. Determine the attitude of the author to his or her own story. Analyze the text construction style. Focus on the speech tools used by the writer. Learn the role of the characters in the book. Explain how this or that personage affects the plot.

Personal Opinion

Remember, the analysis should not be a retelling of the book content. Of course, you should mention the most important plot lines; however, more attention should be focused on your interpretation of the text. Explore the images presented in the work and show how important they are in the book. Many critics make a gross mistake, considering their opinion the only true one. You should understand that different people could perceive the same text in different ways. Respect the opinions of other authors.

Correct Criticism

Even if you do not like the book, your text should be as restrained and polite as possible. Do not humiliate the author. Before you start working on a book, familiarize yourself with other works of the writer, perhaps you change your opinion about his or her writing skills.


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Facts and Arguments

Your statements should not be unfounded. Confirm each hypothesis with facts and evidence. In this case, quoting the original text would be very appropriate. However, keep in mind the citation rules.


Surely, your first analysis of the book will not be professional enough. Do not be upset about this. This is absolutely normal. Many famous writers and critics have created hundreds of minor and not very successful works before writing masterpieces. Therefore, you must constantly develop and work on yourself. Try to analyze every book you read. As a result, you will learn how to do it right.


In order to understand what should be the style of analysis, it is necessary to study many examples of literary criticism. However, remember, they should just be samples for a better understanding of the analysis process. Do not copy the writing style of other authors. Show your uniqueness and originality.

Book Analysis Outline

Knowing this sequence, you will understand how to create a proper book analysis.

  1. Introduction (one or two sentences). Determine the subject of analysis and its tone.
  2. The main thesis. Define the main idea of the work, its central questions.
  3. Summary. Describe the plot but do not turn the review into a retelling.
  4. Reviews and recommendations. If you find some flaws in the book, it is about time you talked about them delicately, or even better, suggested ways to correct errors. If you have noted vivid advantages, do not forget to mention them.
  5. Conclusions. Rate the originality of the author's intention. If this is not a debut work, compare it with other books of this writer.



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