The Essence of Friendship

Friendly relationships are an indicator of how interested, important, and valuable people are to each other. The main features of friendship are such things as trust, tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect, the ability to help and to be side by side in a difficult situation. True friendship is something much more than just pleasant communication in a cheerful company. This is a mystery between people.

True friends can understand each other at a distance, without words, on the movement of the hands, the expression of the eyes, facial expressions, and gestures. Sometimes, it even happens that they have some invisible, telepathic connection.

Friendship and Moral Values

A friend is someone who cares about you, supports you, participates in your life, and is not indifferent to your emotions, problems, successes, victories, and defeats. The value of friendly relations is in the fact that everyone can rely on another one in any situation or he or she can provide the necessary support and assistance. Loyalty, steadfastness, equality, understanding, acceptance of a person with all the positive features and shortcomings reign in such communication.

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Real friends are always together in the moments of joy and happiness, as well as in difficult situations, troubles, and failures. Everyone understands that he or she plays a very important role in the life of some person. That is why friends trust each other and tell about their plans, dreams, thoughts, ideas, and secrets. The more and deeper respect between people is, the stronger is friendship they have. It cannot be measured by the quantity of money or by some merit. It is priceless. Only a true friend lets you know that you are not alone.

Human Qualities and Friendship

Friendship shows the inner strength of a person and his or her qualities. People, who do not pass the test for strength, go from the category of friends to the category of good acquaintances, and sometimes to the category of familiar ones. If there is someone in your life with whom you can be yourself, without wearing masks, and who understands you and always helps you out, such person is probably your true friend.

A friend cannot be chosen, he or she simply becomes a friend. You may not like something in his or her behavior and style of life; you can even criticize your comrade from time to time. However, even despite all the shortcomings, this person is the best for you.

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Very often, people confuse communication with true friendship. A good friend is not someone, who has fun with you at a party, but the one, who stays with you in difficult moments of life. Do not get upset and try to get back comrades with whom you just had a good time if a person left you; it means that he or she did not appreciate your friendship, and this is not a loss, but a release from senseless deceitful relationships. Appreciate your close friends and do not betray them.


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