Skills of Food Presentation

In the process of writing your creativity and mastery that indicate how proficient and well versed you are in writing. No matter what you are doing, creativity is an invaluable asset. Actually, every person is born with an “implanted grains of creativity.” However, it only depends on an individual whether this grain will grow into a beautiful flower or will be as dry as a weed. Creativity is what makes other people turn to you and look up to you. When talking about creativity in writing, it is this originality of thought that makes readers interested in what you are writing about. Here we can compare the creative approach to writing to the creativity in preparing and presenting some food. With the cult of food photos that appeared relatively recently, you have probably noticed how attracted people are to those astonishing flat lays and photos on Instagram or Facebook accounts. At this point, it may be more evident than ever how writing and cooking are related in regards to the preparation and presentation process. So, check out the similarities below:


Before you start preparing or cooking some meal, you should definitely know the algorithm of the cooking procedure: first, make sure that you have all the required ingredients. Besides, it is important to double-check whether you are skillful enough to prepare something and have the necessary stuff. You might already know from personal experience that one misstep or tiny fault can completely ruin the desired outcome. For this reason, planning is so important. The same way writing an essay needs adequate planning because you cannot write something if you do not have a clear picture in mind what it will look like.


When you add specific flavors to your dish, they will give your meal appealing taste and looks. Still, flavoring your meal is not an easy process: you must know the limits of each seasoning and spice. There shouldn’t be too much of them in order not to spoil the taste. The same goes with academic writing: you should make it interesting with certain vocabulary structures, but it is important to make it understandable and easy to comprehend.

Decoration Process

Food decoration is probably 50% of the food success. Sometimes even a tasty dish may seem disgusting if it is not properly served and decorated. When talking about a paper, its decoration equals to readability. It should have a hook in the introductory paragraph that sets the tone of the rest of the paper.


The core parts of cooking that define the taste and success of the dish are the ingredients. These are the very first things you need to think of when deciding on what to cook. Seasoning and decorations won’t save the meal if the core ingredients are badly chosen. The same is with an essay: the core ingredients are the content, i.e. the aspects that you have chosen to discuss or analyze in the paper.

I hope that this article has made it clearer to you how cooking and writing resemble each other. To make either of them successful, you need to remember about the careful choice of the main ingredients and adequate amount of spices and seasonings.


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