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Bus transport is dependent on road network. In the United Arad Emirates, carriage means are state owned. However, there are private investors who have put money into transport industry. According to the research, the UAE, especially the North Coast region, has a well and extensive road network because it is highly populated. As a result, it has led to initiatives meant to reduce congestion and cater for the growing demand; many roads have been changed to duo carriage highways. This fact benefits bus transportation by making it faster and more convenient. Besides, since it is state owed, revenues are used for the development.

According to one of the studies conducted, bus as a mode of transport is used both in Dubai town, its outcasts and to connect other six emirates (Explorer Publishing and Distribution, 2012). Bus service providers are Dubai bus and Mowasalat; they are used due to the limited railway network between the emirates. The government intends to reduce the use of road transport and intensify the rail transport.

Buses are called to ease the movement of people and goods from one emirate to another. Secondly, it encourages equality as people of all backgrounds, the rich and the poor, use the same mode of transport. Third, as buses are state owned, the sale of the tickets is conducted by the government; hence, all income belongs to the administration. Fourth, supplementing other transport mode, it connects further forms of transport such as air and sea. Fifth, it is very convenient and more flexible: one can move from one place to another due to well-developed road network (Kanna, 2011). Sixth, it reduces parking stress. Specifically, it decreases time to move round town to look for packing bays. Therefore, since the government has encouraged people to use buses as a means of transport, people do not have to use private mode of transport which will result in congestion and parking problems.

Bus transport has its disadvantages as well: first, there is inadequate privacy due to sharing with strangers; people feel denied a chance to maintain confidentiality standards. Additionally, buses cause pollution; they are not environmental friendly as compared to electric trains and bicycles (Kemp, 2015).. The more buses there are running the higher amount of gas is emitted leading to air pollution. Moreover, this means of transport is slow as buses pick and drop passengers at different destinations, thus delaying a commuter who may be in a rush.

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The government has to increase the road networks by making them dual carriage ways in order to achieve maximum bus capacity to reduce traffic. The untarmacked roads must be tarmacked to encourage more bus routes to the interior areas as there will be some people who will migrate to such places. Secondly, the government has to enforce laws which will prohibit other transport modes such as taxis in the country, especially in city centers and suburbs (Baluch, 2005). It will create an avenue for the development of bus transport.

Due to the rapid population growth in UAE, especially because of influx of immigrants who are in the country for job opportunities, more congestion has emerged. A solution to this is for the state to increase the number of buses operating according to the need. On the other hand, the government can privatize this industry and encourage certain individuals to invest into it (Zevitz, 2013).

Bus transport is used in almost all cities globally; the only difference is that in UAE it is a service provided by the government. In Beijing China, there is a rapid increase in the use of bus mode of travelling. Buses are in large numbers despite the high population in the country; however, there is still a shortage.

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Once bus mode of travelling is transformed, it will make travelling around UAE easier: I would move from one part of the emirate to another and across the entire country. Again, when the government invests more into bus transportation industry, there will be additional revenue, which will be used for the development of propositions reducing the tax burden (Baluch, 2005). Moreover, it will increase accessibility to other transport means: when I want to use rail, I do not need to worry about being late as I will reach my destination fast and on time.

The future of bus transport is foreseen to face the challenges due to railway transport competition. The government has invested $11 billion into the construction of 1200 km of railway transport (Zevitz, 2013). With this, people will prefer using railway as compared to road transport as it is a more time conscious and still cheaper.

I myself choose bus transport as it is more flexible and cheaper at the same time. It is more convenient to middle class people because they can afford this mode of carriage. Buses are easy to manage in terms of programs as they can be allocated a single route that is more flexible as compared to other modes of transport such as rail where the schedules are tight. It is also cheap to establish and maintain comparing to water transport, air and rail. To make use of available road networks, the government has invested so much into roads re-carpeting to improve passenger comfort ability on the buses because the roads are smooth.

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Therefore, travelling by bus is the best experience since it saves time and money. The government is using all means to ensure success and comfortability in the use of buses by commuters. However, the future expenditure on buses will be reduced due to the presence of locomotives that will replace them. Currently, it has changed my life and it continues to transform it as it makes transportation easy. In the future, buses will be replaced by rail; hence, their relevance will decrease.

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