The Hardships of Life

The poem The Hardships of Life by Iluminada Garcia talks about the general view of life by different people. Life is hard for everyone regardless of one's profession or economic status. There is a timeless proverb that says when the going gets, the tough get going. This proverb may be true for others, but, for some, hardship may be excess to subdue. Once the going gets tough, their life just tumbles down. What distinguishes those who succeed irrespective of adversity from those who do not remain a mystery (Brown 43). Some argue that it is because of politics, some argue that it is genetic whereas others claim it is due to luck or pure willpower.

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The author says that, in its simplicity, life is beautiful, but it becomes so difficult when caught up in its webbing. We enjoy the moments that saturate our minds and hearts with joyful rewards and feelings – those natural highs. However, there also remains the truth of those ill-fated incidents with the capacity to strike at any time. Similarly, we are only able to guard ourselves a lot from the perils that come from this world. Those circumstances that we cannot manage are by the same token a part of the ebb and stream of life just like their pleasing equivalents (Brown 26). The saying that the things that do not kill us make us stronger than before acquires its reputation and popularity from the millions of victorious tales of individuals who have encountered hardships in life and then bounce back.

The author of the poem encourages us to own this existence, treasure this chance, admit accountability for our verdicts and live up to all we have earned. It is obvious that one will feel discouraged. It is human to feel beat up since you are a human being. Every day provides another opportunity to do something enormous toward achieving one's goals and targets in life. The agony and feelings of discomfort that one experiences due to the hardship of life should be signs of strength since weakness is leaving the body (Dubrow 33). The author urges us to soak it up, embrace it and promote as much development as possible.

The author of the poem argues that we suffer because we want to. People do not save enough regardless of their income. This results to hardships in life. The author urges us not to be afraid of asking for help in times of need. Everybody is on an individual path and encounters distinctive challenges; however, nobody is alone in this. We should first comprehend what we are after in life. It is a focused way of thinking, something that we all possess deep down (Dubrow 42).

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The poet claims that when people do not make progress in life, they always blame politics for it. It is vital that we stop blaming one another for the hardship in life. We should excel on our own and depend on nobody except God our maker (Dubrow 54). When you are not exhausted by the end of the day, you are not doing enough to conquer hardships that come with life. The life we desire is never going to come effortlessly; therefore, it is mandatory that one goes out there and get it. One should not fear the agony that comes with development, since the returns on the other end are more abundant.

The time will come when we are happy because of the successes that we have, but first, we have to suffer (Dubrow 63). A vast, yet extremely complex part of life is carrying on forward with no idea where you will end up. On the way, with no doubt, one will face pain, fear and sorrow that not everybody is prepared to deal with. One should not only be equipped but also be enthusiastic to face the challenges ahead. One should appreciate the numerous periods of delight that life offers but keep in mind that, in moments of hardship and pain, we should stand together to overcome (Brown 39).

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The poem on The Hardship of Life reminds me of an article by Kathy Seifert, on Life Is Tough: Overcoming Hardship and Failure. Kathy dealt with failures and hardships in her life. Her family lived in absolute poverty. Kathy had to cope with mental illness, suicides and domestic violence (Seifert). Two of her members of the family died as a result of alcoholism. Her grandmother was a teacher and she thought she could follow her footsteps. After trying to go to school for teaching, Kathy found out that she was not cut out for it. She felt like she had failed. While she was young, she had attempted to be a writer, but her attempts were unsuccessful. Her first business was a failure and so was her first marriage. She felt significantly challenged when she enrolled for her Ph.D. program at the age of forty-two years since all her classmates were twenty years younger (Seifert).

Her tale cannot be complete without taking into consideration that somebody attempted to rape her while she was young. She only told a few individuals about this due to the sorrow she was having and the hardship she was facing at the time. Despite all these tribulations and hardships that she has encountered in life, Kathy's life marched on and turned out positive (Seifert). Today, she can encounter her fears and she is a big supporter of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Kathy earned her Ph.D., and she is a prosperous non-fiction writer plus the author of two books that have been sold splendidly. She owns her own practice, Eastern Shore Psychological Services that has considerably developed and won many awards. Despite once telling herself she will never marry again, Kathy is happily remarried to a loving husband (Seifert).

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