Case Analysis

The changes I would make at Marshalls would guarantee that the three set of workers in the factory would; reciprocate their thinking of not participating in the team program to start participating in the team program. The first group of workers complained that; the program had extra busy work and too much meetings; whereas the second group believed that; management was not providing adequate input in which the management depended on the work teams to come up with everything. The third set of workers declined to participate due to lack of confidence that their case will be listened, nobody cared to listen to what they had to say.

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First things first; what I would have done is to listen to the complains and adhere to them. I would cancel the meetings since there are workers who are not happy with them because of the extra work it comes with. The other thing would be I would be giving the employees a chance to speak, understand and listen to their grievances and give them what they request.

The changes I would make to effectively enhance the human resources would be, allocating the duties of each worker depending on how good he is on that particular line of duty. Wasting of good workers who are hard working and start throwing them to meetings that is a waste of labor and it also kills the morale. Methods of communicating the changes to the workers would be through notice boards which will help a lot because it will not waste a lot of time and also is direct to the point so each worker will know where to be at a specific time. 

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