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The Doctor and the Doctor`s Wife

The story is about one incident. Action takes place in the woods. The doctor had asked a few Indian men to help him with the logs. They had been lost from the steamer just laid on the shore and could be useful for the fireplace. Indians, Dick Boulton, Eddy his son and Billy Tabeshaw came with saw, cant- hooks and axes ready for work. Doctor brought his son Nick. After they started moving logs Dick applied that it is actually a stealing because timber belongs to a wooden company, but he is not really care about it. His words made doctor angry and he barely fights with Dick, going away in last moment without saying a word and leaving logs of the beach. Doctor`s wife tried to calm him down but cleaning the gun worked much better. Doctor decided to take a walk and his son joined him, showing that life continues.

Indian Camp

The Doctor, his son Nick and Uncle George are going to Indian camp by a rowboat. They were asked for a help to one Indian lady who have complication during childbirth. The baby was coming out in wrong position so the woman suffered for a long time, screaming terribly. Young father was sitting next to her, tensely smoking a pipe. The doctor had to make a cesarean without any anesthesia and special instruments, using only jack-knife, sewing it with tapered gut leaders, and all men including Nick were helping him with it. Several Indians held a woman during the process. Baby was born alive and finally an exhausted happy mother felt asleep. When doctor talked to young father it turned out that he is dead. The man cut his throat from ear to ear without making any noise. Nick could not understand why was it happened, but he was sure he is not going to die ever.



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