“In democracy, if you don’t understand geography you are going to make some bad decisions” Gil Grosvenor.

The knowledge of geography is an objective need of modern democratic society. According to Gil Grosvenor, geography is one of the most important disciplines in the educational system and casual everyday life. The government has to pay more attention to it because financing for studying of it fully is not quite enough. Author claims that study and, therefore, understanding of main geographical aspects would change situation in our society. For example, if American people knew better the geographical position, tribal influences, communication and economic system, social structure and geopolitical situation of Afghanistan in general, the decision about placing American forces there would be much different. The same applies to a national oil industry. Every day we are facing with different questions and a problem that demands us make quick and efficient solution. I think, to make a wise decision we must first weight all “pros” and “cons”. Knowing geography on medium level at least, would let us to make more effective and reasonable decisions.

Those graduates that had enough geography hours during their studying have made more successful career, by G. Grosvenor. Geography is a necessary condition for having profitable business. “It refers to all, from a farmer to a banker,” National Geographic Society Chairman of the Board applies.

More we know – more we get, I think. Basic skills of geography could give us possibility to look at the problem from different points of view and set causal connections. As an example, if we want to make a trade deal or to establish diplomatic relations with the country, first we need to do is to explore the political situation inside that country. In this manner, we would understand what affects on decision-making by the government of that country, and whether our arrangement is successful.



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