Conflict, Power and Self-Disclosure


Social acknowledgement and success have always been important for people, because any personality became real and understood only through communication and cooperation with other humans. However, the circumstances and motivation leading to success and promotion are different. When people direct their efforts towards gaining profit or a better social status, they can rarely produce anything meaningful and valuable to the world. Simplicity, intuition, humor, and humanism turn out to be so attractive in the modern race for money and success.

This essay reveals the aspects of spiritual transformation of a sweet blonde girl into a bright educated personality and lawyer. The film Legally Blond released in 2002 is a story of Elle Woods, who enters Harvard, because she wants to rejoin with her boyfriend Warner Huntington III. The movie traces the traditional story of a broken heart and further social and spiritual growth in a humorous and light manner. It focuses on the problem of conflict, power, and self-disclosure of the main character and gives many helpful advices for individual development. The girl meets educated and successful people, who manage to transform her self-esteem and self-confidence. Emmett Richmond, a young attorney, helps Elle realize that relations between people transform with the course of time, and the first impression is often deceptive.


The inner conflict can often become the starting point for further spiritual growth (Mitterer, 2008). In Elle’s case, the conflict appears when her boyfriend Warner Huntington III announces that she is not serious enough to become a wife of a perspective Harvard student. After several weeks of depression, Elle decides to become worthy of her former groom and starts preparing for passing exams to one of the most prestigious universities of America. She passes and enters the world of new challenges and values. Finally, Elle understands the selfish nature of her former groom and announces to Warner that he does not deserve her. They exchange roles in their relations.

The conflict appears in many scenes when Elle has to break her stereotypes and form a new vision on people and things. It happens when she meets new teachers and a modest and reserved Emmett Richmond. She can look funny, stupid, incompetent, but she is always smart, sincere, and helpful. Failing to find friends among serious students of Harvard, she makes friends with a manicurist in a nearby hair and beauty salon Paulette.  This friendship reveals the importance of encouragement for overcoming stresses and personal complexes. Elle helps Paulette to believe in herself, and they enjoy sharing women secrets to each other. Despite the difference in age and social status the young girl does not show of, she behaves as an equal.

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Elle likes socializing and feels frustrated in a world where young people of her age concentrate on books, competition, and individual social development. She does not try to offend anybody or demonstrate her superiority, but she needs companions. Elle’s simple human values turn out to be more effective and real than ancient wisdoms and state-of-the-art theories of cruel competition and powerful spirit of Harvard. The development of Elle’s relations with Professor Callahan leads the girl to the conclusion that she is just a toy in the world of men. The culmination is seen when she wants to leave Harvard because of disgraceful attitude of the professor. She is disappointed with the principles and values of the business world where men discriminate women; she feels stupid, simple, and weak.

However, Elle’s ability not to give up and the encouragement of a teacher she was once offended by help her to persist and move forward to a new level and self-disclosure.


Modern business schools and management programs teach that there are universal techniques to gain success, promotion, and career development (Boden, 2006). Environment can transform mind and form motivation bringing one success in the society. However, different people respond to challenges and the same social environment individually. Some people choose to fuse with the established traditions and ways of behavior; others try to preserve their individuality and bring a bright vision and reflection of reality.

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In the modern world, the power has the ability to be different, new, provoking, and fresh in some unusual way (Boden, 2006). Creativity is one of the main powers, which attracts employees and owners of prestigious companies. Even Elle’s CV is different in her casual and funny manner: it is pink and perfumed. However, the girl has managed to distinguish herself not only as a cute funny and, at the same time, industrious girl, but as an understanding and sympathetic human. She shows enough strength not to reveal to her teacher and boss Professor Callahan the alibi of her client, because it is the woman’s personal secret.

Elle’s ability to live here and now helps her to find unexpected decisions that come out of the flow and the evidence of life. She applies the method of relaxation; in this way, she disarms her opponents. 


Self-disclosure is revealing one’s real self to the community where a person lives. The social realization is impossible without the group. People need communication and interaction in order to become visible and meaningful (Erasmus and Luther, 2013). Professional, creative, and communicative competences show the value of a person for the group.

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Delivering her final graduation speech, Elle notes that encouragement and faith in one’s strength are primary aspects of success. The girl is not afraid to oppose Aristotle, who stated that law is the mind free of passion. In her speech, she implies that the law is impossible without passion, trust, and intuition. Indifference to others’ needs and persecutions of personal interests disclose the limited vision of life and weakness of spirit. Elle’s habit to help other people survive as personalities proved its efficiency. Her pursuit of love sublimated into a wonderful ability to see and encourage the spiritual strength in others.

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