Leadership - is the art of motivating a group of people to action towards a common goal. The leader inspires and guides people to commit certain actions. This person has a combination of personal skills and qualities that make other people in the group to follow him and to move in the direction indicated by the leader. A leader does not necessarily have any formal authority, a leader can be an ordinary person with a minimal set of qualities that help it to influence a group of people. There are things that distinguish leaders from other people. Some people are born with leadership qualities, while some develop them later in life. In any case, with a strong desire, everyone can become a leader (Tubbs, 2005). In addition to the qualities a leader must possess the necessary skills for effective management. And unlike the qualities, skills can not be born, they can only get in a lifetime.

Leaders do not neglect dreams. They do not allow no one and nothing to stand in the way of the realization of their desires. They are realistic, but ruthless (Pfeiffer, 1989). They are polite, but persistent. They are constant and consistent in pursuing their goals. The purpose of this essay is to asses the leadership style of Steve Jobs, his communication and leadership skiils.

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One of the well known people who had built his life accordingly to his cherished dream and desire, became a well known leader – leader that is still inspiring people. This person is a great Steve Jobs. Charismatic and eccentric Steve Jobs is the man in whose mind thoughts swarmed ambitious nature, forever changed lives of people all over the world. Overcoming the difficulties of life with no education, thanks to his talent, he has reached enormous heights and became the idol of millions (Katzenbach, n.d). Favourite business Steve Jobs began to take early - at age 20. In the old garage of his parents he and his friends experimented, worked hard on their first invention. And after 10 years Apple had grown from two people up to $ 2 billion company with over 4000 employees. Apple is American corporation, a manufacturer of personal and tablet computers, software, phones, music players. In 2011, Apple brand was recognized as the most expensive brand in the world ($ 153.3 billion) in the rank of international research agency Millward Brown.

Steve Jobs is one of the most prominent figures of the modern business. It can safely be called the most creative business leader of our time, who created and implemented new and innovative approaches in the field of information and telecommunication technologies. The theory of the great people claims that a person who has certain set of personality traits to become a good leader, regardless of the nature of the situation in which it is located. The absolute embodiment of the great men of the theory is the notion of a charismatic leader to whom they bow around. As stated by Steve Jobs, the corporate leader who wants to remain effective for a long time, should be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and the flexibility to vary his/her behaviour. One of the key factors of Steve Jobs success is to do what the one would do for nothing, and even on the last day of life. As Steve Wozniak said: "When you do what you love, you do it without having to worry about money." Drawing inferences can be argued that Steve Jobs has become a leader because he loved the cause, the desire to be better today than you were yesterday, and go for your dreams no matter.

The mission is a common target statement. Mission is what keeps the heart vision. This is a general statement of purpose, the global message that the leader wants to achieve. However, every concrete person has his/her own vision. It is concrete and detailed, specific and appropriate for a specific person. The measure of success is the vision of the leader in order to make a dream come true, and not a comparison with the actions of others. Dream - it is only the beginning of a vision. The vision is the fuel of company, it is what makes it get going. Steve Job was the unique person: he had a mission and knew the vision and he inspired people to make his mission and vision their ones. It is the thing that makes the person leader. Steve had an incredible ability to bring people together for a common goal, drawing in front of them incredibly delicious cosmic perspective. The mission of Steve jobs was to change the world and to leave a mark on the world. His vision was based on the idea to make Apple well known international business and spark the revolution in the PC usage. One of his favourite statements was: "Let's leave the mark in this world. We will do this so important that leave a trace in the Universe”.

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Steve Jobs is a unique leader and a vivid example of "the role of the individual in history." He is going down in history as the management of lone hero. Director of the Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles Warren Bennis said that this is one of the few cases where the "code" of the brain is wired to a single person. Not that Apple is not able to create outstanding market development, but the point in the presentation, in the philosophy of the product, which translates to customers and investors is Steve Jobs.

Usually popular leaders of corporations represent the ultimate democracy and try to adhere to democratic management style. Jobs - a unique case: he is an authoritarian leader with a dominant marketing expertise (McInerney, 2011). His charisma compensates authoritarianism. Jobs can "smudge on the wall" anyone, but also to make the engineer to take a routine task of designing as a powerful mission sent over. It's more of a style of industrial tycoons of the past than even the soft and flexible management of modern technology companies. The examples of the working style of Steve Jobs make it essential to stress that Steve challenged the process of working by the effective encouragement of people’s harts. He was striving for inspiring all people by the shared vision, in order to make them all to work on things they like and love. These things made people involved and interested in the best result they can ever get. He enabled others to work with such fuse that their dream was shared with the dream of the leader. Steve preferred to motivate Apple’s teams and personal by the encouraging them to success in all spheres of their life and demand perfection.

One of the things that made Jobs effective leader is his incredible characteristic that was active listener. For the effectiveness of the leadership to be good listener is as important as to be a good speaker, because only through the active speaking and listening the communication between people become valuable, sincere and incorrigible.

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Jobs practiced informal style of communication and discussion in many companies often turned into incredible noise of arguments with the mat, where employees and management screaming at each other (Smelser, 2011). Steve thought that it was rather effective because with the flow of ideas and their discussions Apple Inc. became the leader in innovative technologies. Ability to answer the question immediately, reporting first-past-the mind thought, whatever it was it is a unique way to communicate was the chip of Steve Jobs. These things made Jobs so charismatic leader and developed his unique communication style that encouraged people all over the world.

Steve Jobs was a great leader, manager and entrepreneur, because he always respected the opinion of the members of his team. And no Apple products have made them great. And is not that how they created them, and why they have created the products that made them great. Steve Jobs thought otherwise, and he created a company and a team that serve as a benchmark for success. His communicative skills were impressive and were based on personal confidence that he is doing right thing for the people development and communication. His style of communication can be fully described by the words that he thought about why he was doing something, what he can do for this, with whose help he can do it the best and bring these people to the "promised land."  His communication style was so flexible and natural that made people easily to become their friends.  His communication skills can be described as: very mild and slight voice and sounding, effective gesturing, powerful pause usage, active listener, effective words usage. He argued that it is the need to focus less on the product and more on the mission, and the success will surely come.

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