Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Motivation is the reason why everyone gets up in the morning instead of sleeping all day. It presses to get to work or go to the gym and work even harder and more efficiently than ever before (Whiteley, 2002). Motivation is the reason that great ideas are turned into great achievements. Motivation is what makes everyone does all the necessary things. In this way I see what motivation is. There are different things that can motivate me, encourage me and even stimulate me to do everything that would help me to achieve my dream. Many people are motivated by successful achievement and I am one of them. Therefore, the best motivation for me is the one that is based on the future achievements and sometimes the solution of the hard problem is the best encouragement for me to work harder, to find new ideas and just to dream. Success through the self-realization is most desirable achievement for every person in this world and this is the greatest motivation to work, study, learn, think and dream.

Intense and crazy rhythm of modern life often entail not only the physical tiredness, but moral as well. The stress is the norm of today’s life of every person (Apter, 2007). Stress affects each person differently. Someone opens, and someone in a state of extreme stress cannot give and achieve good results. There are lots of factors that can stress the person, they are external and internal (Peterson, 1993). These factors are exposed by all the people and I am not the exception. External factors relate to the big changes in one’s life, problems at work, difficulties in the relations, excessive employment, financial problems, etc. And internal factors are related to the state of mind and will of the definite person. They can be failure to accept uncertainty, pessimism, negative self-talk, unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, lack of perseverance, etc. The set of the stress factors is different even for one person, because it is depended on the person’s motivation.

I prefer to set such motivation factors that would not give any chance for stress to knock me out of the saddle. This is my motor, to live for the happiness and happiness is in the motivation to achieve goals and dreams.



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