Project Management


The only deliverables of the project will be home improvement.


The project team has to follow certain laid down procedures before, during and after participating in a home improvement exercise, in order to achieve its objectives. The first task involves client identification. It consists of gathering information regarding their interests, involvement, and their influence on the project success.

The second task includes the project scope management. It entails collecting requirements for a given project, which will help in defining a project’s scope and hence help in the creation of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Another task is the project time management. The task involves definition of the project activities, estimating resources required by each activity, estimating duration of an activity, and finally sequencing the activities in a manner that will utilize the least time. This culminates in the development of a project schedule. Project cost management is another crucial task. It involves estimation of costs to determine the project budget.

Since the focus of the project is on home improvement, quality management forms a part of the tasks. Therefore, a quality plan needs to be in place to ensure the projects meet their intended objectives. The WBS is essential in the achievement of quality standards. It needs to be as detailed as possible to ensure all activities are captured. Moreover, a human resource plan will ensure that the work-load is manageable to provide a production of quality work.

Generally, the projects are expected to take less than two months to complete. Adherence to the given tasks will ensure completion within the required period. However, there are some risks that necessitate a development of risk management plan.



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