Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Motivation is an emotional state which motivates to action. Motivation is a set of driving forces that encourage people to work, which has a target orientation (Whiteley, 2002). The process of motivation is built around human needs, which are the main objects of influence that encourage people to take action. Successful future of any organization fully depends on the level of employees’ motivation (Latham, 2007).

Question 1. After the analysis of the HMO employees’ motivation, it is essential to stress that the company’s workers are motivated at such level that make them work indifferently or a little more than indifferently. They are not encouraged in the process of work to achieve some goals, they are just encouraged to work in order not to be fired. This is the biggest problem of the company, because in this case motivation should be seen as the process of encouraging and stimulating the individual or group of people to work, to be active, to be initiative.

Question 2. The set of actions in order to raise employees’ motivation should be taken. It is well known that there are two main methods to motivate personnel: material and intangible. Material one is limited for every company, and HMO is not the exception, because the salary or bonuses cannot be raised every 2-3 months. However, motivation should be continuous. Many experts converge on the idea that the most effective is intangible motivation. It consists of a complex of issues - from self-motivated staff and peer review of his/her work to interior climate, the ability to express themselves in different aspects of the company, the opportunity to learn something useful for the employee (Thomas, 2000). Therefore, ideal actions of motivation can be taken through coaching, trainings, competitions.

Question 3. According to the previous discussion, the best set of motivators for HMO employees should be based on the intangible intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, such as: recognition of the collective (empowerment), status (diploma, degree, presidency, public speaking), adorable work or tasks, reprimand, praise, hall of fame, team building, corporate training, competition. This is the best set of motivators that would help quickly raise the motivation level of HMO personnel.



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