Depression in Utah

It is well known, that depression is one of the greatest problems in the 21st century. Two famous scientists Jack Jensen and Dr. Cameron John decided to conduct a research in order to find out the most common reasons that can lead to depression. Scholars have chosen Utah as a perfect place for the research, as Mental Health America in 2007 ranked this state as the most depressed state in the nation (Meyers, UVU Study: Religion helps, Hurts Depression). The factors that were mentioned in the questionnaire should have helped to examine the relation between the students’ cultural level and depression itself. Among those factors were personal attitude to religion, the drive for perfection, drug addiction and the pressure to marry.

Dr. John defines the drive for perfection as one of the most dangerous factors. He says: "It's great that we set good, healthy goals and standards and that we work hard. But what about that toxic perfectionism, where no matter how hard we try, we'll never arrive" (Moore, Study Aims to Identify Utahns’ Ups and Downs). Dr. Cameron John told an example of a student, who have never received an A- grade and when this situation occurred, she was crushed and depressed, because it seemed impossible to explain the situation to the parents. The scientist gave more evidence by telling about the students, who refused to continue the study because they have lost their interest, as they were afraid of any competence with other students (Neely, Depression Study).

It is impossible to imagine the progress without the aspiration to improve yourself. Then it is important to know how to separate the healthy ambitions from the haunting ones. I consider, when dealing with toxic perfectionism that the problem is in a blind drive for perfection, which prevents students from reaching an academic success. The worst thing here is the fear not to meet other people’s expectations. The goals become higher and you have to put more and more efforts. The best variant is to set achievable goals, which may only help on your way to success.



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