Which Is Worse?

Many people underestimate the harm of smoking and alcohol drinking. For some, it is a way of life, some use this to relieve stress, while some smoke and drink only when in company of friends. Whatever the reason is, we must remember that both alcohol drinking and smoking cause serious harm to our health. People are constantly debating which habit is worse, but still there is no answer. Taking into account all spheres of influence, I have concluded that smoking causes much more troubles.

To start with, this habit is dangerous not only for the health of the smoker, but also for the people who are beside him. Tobacco smoke released into the atmosphere contains more toxic substances than the smoke inhaled and exhaled by a smoker. Non-smokers who stay in smoke-filled, poorly ventilated areas during an hour fill their lungs with the amount of nicotine that equals two or three cigarettes. Especially, it is dangerous for small children, who breathe in nicotine every day while driving in one car with the smoking father.

Smoking is an everyday habit. As a rule, a smoker needs one pack of cigarettes a day. While comparing the expenses on cigarettes to those spent on alcohol, it is obvious that smoking will cost you a pretty penny. During the whole life, smokers can spend more than 40,000 dollars. In such moments, people do not look at the situation in general; they buy a pack and take into the account only the price of the one cigarette pack. In addition, more and more everyday quarrels appear because of smoking, mainly among young couples when only one is a smoker. Often, it ends up with a break-up or a divorce; as a result, suffers not only the marriage but also children.

Smoking is an urgent social problem, both for the smoking and non-smoking population. For the first, the problem is to quit smoking, for the second - to avoid the influence of it. Thus, smoking leads to the terrible consequences connected both with physical and mental health.



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