Giving Birth Control Devices to Teenagers

There are many discussions and debates on the theme of giving birth control devices to teenagers. Many people expressed their pros and cons concerning the problem. Some people say that the best contraceptive is the word “no”. Such a notion was very popular about 10 years ago. Nowadays, children are growing up very quickly and want to try as many things as possible. However, teenagers cannot realize all the responsibility at their young age. Sex is a way to relax for most teenagers. In such a way they show superiority over their counterparts or try to satisfy their curiosity (Cleland, Conde-Agudelo, Peterson, Ross, and Tsui 150).

Modern people live in the age of early sexual relations. Most teenagers gain their first sexual experience at the age of fourteen years. Of course, their physical appearance shows that they are ready for sexual relations; however, their mental state is quite vulnerable. Everyone knows that very often early sexual relations lead to undesirable pregnancy. In most cases, undesirable pregnancy ends with abortion. Of course, many doctors warn about the consequences of abortions, but teenagers do not always have a serious attitude towards this. The consequences can be different. Young women risk of becoming infertile. In most cases, the first abortion leads to infertility. Therefore, there may be no chance to become parents in the future. Probably, in a few years, they will be sorry for their faults, but nobody would help them. Sometimes, teenagers, who do not have enough money for abortion in the clinic, request some doctors with doubtful reputations to help them. They have a problem and want to solve it in their own way. Unfortunately, nobody is thinking about the future. Obviously, it is a strong argument, which shows that the best way to protect young people from such mistakes is to give them birth control devices. In such a way, the teenagers will be preserved from undesirable pregnancy and from other consequences (Langston 97-101).

The other problem, which young people can come across, is the venereal diseases. There are different venereal diseases and some of them are incurable. HIV/AIDS is a good example of the incurable venereal diseases, which can be caught up through sexual relations. Nobody is impervious to it. However, most of teenagers are not fastidious when it comes to the sexual partners, so they can catch incurable diseases very easily without using contraceptives (Cleland et al. 153-54).

Therefore, there is no doubt that giving different birth control devices to teenagers is the best way to protect them from undesirable consequences in their future life. In addition, it is one of the measures, which can give the confidence in the future. It helps to prevent undesirable pregnancies, decrease the amount of abortions among the teenagers, and prevent from the incurable diseases and early marriages.

Early marriage can also cause a lot of problems. If people have sexual relations at a young age, they usually become parents very early. Some of them get married and try to bring up their children. Unfortunately, in most cases, the young families cannot overcome difficulties they face. Very often, relations in such families are not firm and they get divorced. In such cases, young couple suffers a lot as well as their children. Consequently, they are left without a father or a mother. Of course, such examples are not rare in the adult life, but teenagers usually do a lot of hasty steps, which often make them unhappy as well as their families (Ayer 17-25).



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