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Project Proposal - ADMA Company

The company I seek to research on is ADMA-OPCO. The company’s full name is Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company. Its main operation is mainly the production of oil and gas. The company is one of the pioneer companies in the industries operating from the offshores of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi with over 45 years of operations dating back to the 1950s. Their oil and gas production are gained from two major fields, Umm Shaif and Zakum (Abed, 2006). The crude oil from the two fields is transferred to Das Island where it is processed, stored and exported. There first crude shipment was in 1962. The company is made up of a consortium of 4 companies. ADMA-OPCO is the major shareholder with 60% shares, whilst the other three, BP, Total and JODCO, share the rest 40% (Sarbu, 2011).

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The project I wish to undertake is the company’s behavioral based safety. The research is designed in order to make an assessment on the company’s existing behavioral based safety within the gas and oil industry. This research will be premised upon the reality that behavioral based safety (BBS) programs have proven to facilitate safety in organizations like ADMA-OPCO. This is more so due to the increasing safety risks within the industry. The proposed research will thus make an attempt to make analysis on the existing BSS program and evaluate its loopholes that need to be improved upon to enhance safety in the company. Premised upon the realization that research in safety training programs has been credited as a leading cause to heightened knowledge in safety and the improvement of safety behavior where the same is appropriately engaged (Burke et al., 2006).

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The proposed research will try to advance several possible reasons as to why the company, despite being one of the leading ones in the industry, continued using poorly performing BSS system. The research will also seek to understand several aspects of poor performance as advanced by Christian et al. (2009) in the BSS system. The following ones are amongst them: as to whether the knowledge on safety procedures is adequately conveyed to the company’s workers; whether the workers are adequately motivated to follow the safety procedures; whether the company has group safety cultures in existence, and if the workers have individual safety consciousness.

In order to achieve the desired ramifications of the existing problem, quantitative analysis will be used on some of the data. In most cases, the typical quantitative methods make use of statistics (Al-Hamdan & Anthony, 2010, 45-46). This will be used to determine some aspects of the research, like the number of safety incidents at ADMA at any one time and the severity of the incident. The trends will also be determined by the use of statistical analysis. It is, however, noteworthy that these quantitative data methods are subjects to several types of errors.

The research will also seek to use qualitative research methods. These methods will be applied in order to capture more nuanced data on the experiences that human beings have gone through with respect to the application of BSS systems and the company’s overall safety. They will take the form of phenomenological, ethnographical and grounded theories (Campbell & Roden, 2010, 114-116).

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Notably, the project will make use of both the quantitative and qualitative research methods. This research will make used of the mixed research methods so as to assist in the explanation of the data collected (Collins et al., 2006, 13). The BSS research being proposed will seek to generate explanations on the actual results derived from the program over a period of time, making the mixed research method optimal in the furtherance of this project.

Custom Project Proposal - ADMA Company essay

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