Scenario Evaluation Plan

The evaluation plan that PEACE Domestic Violence Agency intends to apply is the Project-Wide Evaluation by using the empowerment approach. This is because PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will be able to adapt well to Project-Wide Evaluation as it is able to evaluate the goals of the project and then be able to provide the format of project’s “big picture”. As Yuen (2003) points out, the development of the initial steps of such a plan is carried out by seeking answers to the “BIG QUESTION”.

Project Purpose

The most critical as well as crucial part of this plan is problem statement. This section puts its emphasis on the circumstance that surrounds project’s clientele. The purpose of the project is also to look at the particular situation and try to relate the situation to other similar circumstances that exist in other communities. The relationship that is drawn would assist PEACE to show broader implications that the program seeks to imply. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency, however, needs to support its problem statement with supported evidence. PEACE can achieve this by presenting the statement with statistics that was taken from authoritative sources and also from other organizations that have irrefutable knowledge of the problem that PEACE Domestic Violence Agency seeks to address. Kiritz (2004) also advices that PEACE should present such a statement with reference to the needs of the community rather than to the needs and problems they face as an organization.

Mission Statement

Domestic Violence Agency has a core mission of first reducing the victim trauma of its clientele, secondly to empower survivors, and lastly, to through the provision of direct services and promote the recovery of victims. Through education, Domestic Violence Agency is thus committed to ensure reduction of sexual and domestic violence incidences. This is coupled with its attempts to challenge any existing societal norms and beliefs that condone and promote violence within the city of Portland.

The Objectives

Objectives of an organization are the means through which an organization like PEACE seeks to achieve its goals. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency should thus front objectives that are measurable or objectives that can be proved. These objectives should be a part of PEACE Domestic Violence Agency evaluation plan framework. PEACE should be guided by three main types of objectives, namely process, outcome, and impact. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency process objectives should guide performance of its activities so that the organization can be assured of achieving its planned results. Agency’s outcome objectives should clearly define the effects of interventions that PEACE Domestic Violence Agency seeks to propose. The most challenging objective for PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is the impact objective as they seek to distinguish the connection between collective and accumulative reactions that are to be achieved by PEACE Domestic Violence Agency in Portland. Ideally, PEACE Domestic Violence Agency can be contained through numerous situations by its Process and Outcome objectives.

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Target Population

PEACE Domestic Violence Agency target population is determined depending on people who are in need for the services provided by the agency. This population is, however, dependent on the amount of revenue grant that PEACE Domestic Violence Agency receives. In light of the same, PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is also limited geographically as they are supposed to render their services to the community of the city of Portland only. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency can, however, sustainably meet the needs of the entire community if the agency can be able to substantiate the expected target population by the use of statistical data. Sustainability is important for the agency to defend the reason why it seeks to render its services to the city of Portland and not to any other group of people and/or community that is faced with the same problems.

Project Sustainability

As noted earlier, sustainability is essential for PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. This is more as the project becomes more complex. In the occurrence of the project becoming complex, PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will need to develop a sustainability plan to continue to bring positive change to its potential clientele in the city of Portland. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency can influence this by affecting the sustainability plan institutionally, that is within PEACE Domestic Violence Agency operations or through collaboration with other organizations and with the rest of Portland community and other interested stakeholders.

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Data Collection and Analysis

PEACE Domestic Violence Agency evaluation data is to be gathered in agency’s pre- and post-testing stages. Evaluation data is conducted by the administration of acceptable and standardized instruments that the agency will use during its actual interviews. PEACE will evaluate these instruments using the surrounding population by describing observations and examinations that are made from the staff and evaluator, who are evaluating agency’s data. PEACE will also analyze the pre- and post-testing stages data statistically. PEACE will also seek to consider the techniques they will intend to use in planning the evaluation stages since the agency will be using different techniques to collect its data.

Case Management Recording

PEACE Domestic Violence Agency’s processes will be reflected by agency’s Planning and Development Activity forms. The agency will also have a record of its meeting agendas and their minutes and track any participatory observations. The problems that PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will face coupled with alternatives and solutions they will choose and develop will ultimately be used to determine agency’s development (Yuen, 2003).

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Program Interventions

Qualitative and quantitative descriptions of interventions that are sought by PEACE Domestic Violence Agency should be well documented. In the documentation and data collection processes, the agency should adopt several elements and diverse approaches. In its description, the agency should document the type of interventions that it will seek to record and also document intervention products that it intends to use.

PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will also have to develop an accurate documentation of all the intake and application forms that the agency will be using to gather information referring to the participant under its project (Yuen, 2003). Thirdly, the agency must have a good record of the quantity and utilization of its services. While recording this, PEACE Domestic Violence Agency should specify the time and locations of the rendered services. PEACE can document this information using participant’s encounter forms, agency’s activity logs, and also by use of attendance sheets.

PEACE Domestic Violence Agency should carry out satisfactory survey scales. These scales should be completed by both agency’s staff and project’s participants. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency can use satisfaction surveys to get feedback and also assess the project. Lastly, PEACE Domestic Violence Agency should carry out ethnographic observations of project activities. The agency can use these observations to document qualitative information about the project. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency can make use of these evaluation procedures to determine agency’s effectiveness (Yuen, 2003). Several methods can be used to determine such effectiveness. These methods are discussed further.

Budget and Budget Justifications

PEACE Domestic Violence Agency should ensure that its budget is equally beneficial as the project description. All of agency’s expenditure should be aligned to the proposed budget. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency budget justification should be able to offer precise explanations to the proposed expenditure as laid down in line items. Project’s budget should also strive to use a language that matches with PEACE Domestic Violence Agency’s descriptive narrative.

The Cost Analysis

Cost analysis of PEACE Domestic Violence Agency should provide an evaluation of the efficiency of agency’s project. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency cost analysis results should act as a check and balance on project’s components. They should also compare them with similar prevention projects by other agencies. Yuen (2003) points out that PEACE Domestic Violence Agency data should include the number of clients that the project has served, units of service that were provided by the project, the time used by the staff, the personnel and operation cost, volunteers involved, and also other types of support that was provided.


PEACE Domestic Violence Agency staff should assess its clientele for confidentiality purposes. The access to all information collected and used by PEACE Domestic Violence Agency must be limited to only evaluation staff of PEACE Domestic Violence Agency and project director. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency grant proposal should also provide that the same confidentiality will be ensured of all evaluation material as it is required by the law. The forms reserved by PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will be identified only by numerical codes, and their collaborating link logs will be stored separately. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will only have voluntary participants. All participants will fill and sign a consent form. Consent forms provided by PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will have all facts relating to the evaluation and any testing procedures that will be involved therein. Underage participants will only participate with the consent of their parents. Any members of the family who participate in the pre-and posttest assessment will also have to provide consent for the participation of the said underage participants (Yuen, 2003).



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