Lying about Your Reading Habit

In accordance with Reading Agency, almost 50% of the respondents that provided answers with regard to their survey stated that they had not told the truth concerning reading the classics. What is more, the demographics disclosed younger readers, who preferred waiting for the film adaptation of certain books. Frankly speaking, James Bond was the first in the list. In fact, the next was Frodo Baggins. The third one became Gandalf the Grey Wizard and the Pevensie siblings. What would be interesting to know regarding the older respondents? There must be a high possibility of them being students who studied English as their major during their younger years.

If you are one of those who studied literature, you shouldn’t even dare to fib about books that you like reading. Apart from that, it won’t be difficult to resort to making a guess. Would you like to impress everyone? You are perhaps always eager to be the center of attraction and wish for prolonging a few minutes of fame. Being a part of your course mates company means that you are constantly thinking about the only one thing. Actually, high grades. In spite of the fact that all of these will be supposed to be usual teenage behavior, you’ll learn to save yourself lots of trouble. In addition, consider a family conversation, because sibling rivalry won’t end. To tell you the truth, Roald Dahl is the basic reason for it. In fact, a book could be a perfect topic of conversation while being at a date. However, it would be also great to think of some other subjects. Let’s move to your professional setting. Your colleagues might ask you several questions regarding a book or two. Thus, you must be a good liar during your discussion of the details of a particular book that you haven’t actually read.

It is not necessary to read all the most popular titles. What is more important is sampling at least a few books that belong to different genres. You don’t need to make yourself adore authors that are not related to you. Read the following friendly reminders:

  • Do not try to impress everyone. Basically, your reading habit should be concerned, not someone else’s. Apparently, you ought to understand that you do it, since you like written works. Moreover, you desire to develop your written communication. This habit is believed to be hard to break. Keep in mind that fibbing couldn’t be beneficial and advantageous. Don’t forget to tell what you really know and persevere in being good at it.
  • A lot of us can get surprised that no one is going to believe what you say. For example, if you try to persuade your listeners that you know the Bible in an ideal way, then you shouldn’t expect that the reaction from almost all people will be positive. What is more, you won’t be able to boast of countless admirers as soon as you admit about your perfect insight of Ian Flaming’s novels or short stories.


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