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Narrative Essay Writing Tips

Writing a narrative essay can be compared to completing a literary work since both written pieces should be compelling and absorbing. To create such effect, you do not need to have something solemn or out of ordinary for a subject. The key point is to write about something momentous for you in a manner that would kindle the spark of interest in a reader.

Defining the Term “Narrative Essay”

Let us make it clear what such kind of writing as a narrative essay corresponds to. It is a typical assignment to be given to students at different stages of their studying life. It intends accomplishing a written work where you present something that you have come through and it is related to the theme you study in class. The final result that you get should be fascinating and entertaining at once.

On the Structure of the Essay Type

The organization of an essay is pretty typical. Usually, it consists of five basic items:

  • Introduction – set forth a topic of your essay and give an idea of what you are going to discuss. It is a common mistake to start with a statement like “This winter…”, “When I was younger…”. The first statement should be very specific and engaging. Avoid mentioning too many heroes in the story not to sound overwhelming.
  • Main body – comprise approximately three paragraphs to bring up a full story. It is important to follow carefully the timeline as you write about a sequence of events.
  • Summary – make a conclusion of the outcomes and positive or negative consequences. It restates a thesis, but it doesn’t interrupt the narration. Additionally, you have the possibility to share your own thoughts on the situation and what has it taught you.

Selecting an Appropriate Topic

It seems like the most difficult task is to begin. Concentrate on the given subject by a teacher and brainstorm related stories from your life. Once you have decided on it, bear in mind that you should illuminate two crucial constituents:

  • A story itself.
  • An evaluation.

Alternatively, you can also make some issue a center of an essay and just complement it with the example from real life. For this assignment task, you do not need to find some additional sources of information. The narrator is the most important witness and judge as well. That is why the evidence you present is the most solid in this case.


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To sum up, as far as the type of written piece requires you to present a story in some light and give detailed data, be precise and do your best to make an essay all-encompassing. Do not mix it up with a novel. Sizeable stories are not the best choice for a narrative essay, so be careful while setting a plot and a character list. Use outline as a helpful tip to keep track of the things which are essential to be mentioned. Do not forget to tell a reader about the drop-scene of your captivating story. Level-up your skills of creative writing and get a positive result.

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