Learning to Use Helpful Adverbs

The most common task for students in college is perhaps composing an essay. This assignment allows to evaluate the entire set of student’s knowledge, including grammar, language, creativity and other skills. For this reason, students have to learn how to create their papers efficiently to meet all the requirements of the academic essay. A decent paper includes only relevant pieces of information that are closely connected to each other with the help of various transitions and adverbs. The recent study has confirmed that there are some of the words that are used most often by the students but are tend to be commonly misused. This article will help you find out the writing peculiarities of the words respectively and namely.

Learning to Use the Adverbs Correctly


This is an adverb that shows the parallelism between certain items. There must be two groups of closely related objects, that have a particular connection among them. Each item must correspond to its match that should be mentioned in the sentence. Here are a few examples of using the adverb respectfullyin a sentence:

Here are the samples that contain protein, dextrose, and amino-acid and are labeled P, D, and A, respectively. (This shows that each substance has its correspondence among the labels.)

The values of x and y are 17.9 and 2.3, respectively. (Both variables have their exact number that is stated in a sentence.)

Anna and John are 12 and 14 years, respectively. (The kids’ age is shown according to their names.)

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As a lot of students tend to misuse the meaning of the word respectively here are some vivid examples of a wrong usage of the word:

The value of x is 17.9, and that of y is 2.3, respectively. (The variables are already connected with their amounts, so respectively here is out of purpose.)

Three earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.4, 6.2 and 7.1, respectively, have taken place in South Africa close to Cape Town on Tuesday. (At first glance, it might seem as though this use of respectively contains two lists of items that could have a close relationship between others. However, the two earthquakes are not mentioned separately, so the use of the adverb does not relate about each specific magnitude to the particular earthquake.)


The adverb namely is another tricky word that can be as of a great help to a writer as a pain in the neck. It depicts the important points of a list, where not all items should be specified. Here are a few examples for you to understand it better:

Among all his popular works there is one that depicts the major features of the main character, namely brevity, kindness, and care. (The main character must have other important character traits, but the listed ones are the most significant.)

His amount of awards is huge, having the unique ones, namely Medal of Honor and Golden Star. (Similarly to the previous example, the person has many more awards, but these two are the main.)


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