Gorgeous College Campuses in the United States

Living and spending time on a campus is an indispensable part of college life since it is the place where you study, meet friends, and relax. Unfortunately, many students are so focused on their studies that they tend to forget to dive into its wonderful environment.

Here is a list of the most beautiful and amazing college campuses that can be found in the US.

University of Hawaii at Manoa

One of the most picturesque campuses is found in Hawaii. The main advantage of this campus is its direct access to Waikiki Beach, which will definitely take your breath away because of its crystal clear water and white sands. Polynesian Cultural Center, which is a major tourist attraction, is also in the close vicinity of the campus.

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College will be particularly fascinating for all history lovers since two of its buildings date back to 1820. Most interestingly, they are both used until today. Art lovers may enjoy the Hopkins Center for the Arts, while lovers of books can pass their time in the Baker-Berry Library.

College of William and Mary

Another campus with the rich history is College of William & Mary due to The Sir Christopher Wren Building. Have you known that it is actually the oldest academic building that is still standing? This camp is also peculiar because it features more than 1000 acres of wooded areas that are absolutely astonishing to walk through.

Loyola Marymount University

The location of this camp allows its students to relish wonderful skyline. In addition, the students have a chance to spend their leisure time enjoying art in the Sculpture Gardens. The view of the Pacific Ocean is another breathtaking thing in a green hilltop campus at Loyola Marymount University.

Emory University

Undoubtedly, the best campus in the south of the country is Emory University’s campus. The Michael C. Carlos Museum is an engaging and fascinating art museum, which can boast a wonderful collection of objects from all around the world. Besides, if you are fond of active leisure, there are 100 acres for exploration.

Lewis and Clark College

All those who prefer studying in harmony with the environment will find this campus absolutely enjoyable since it is closely connected to our pristine nature. The Tryon Creek State Natural Area, which borders with the educational facilities, is open to the students and provides them with amazing places for leisure.

Pepperdine University

A campus, which is located on an island in the Pacific Ocean, is naturally a magnificent place. Considering the fact that tourists pay to see this view, students at Pepperdine University are the luckiest people in the world since they have a chance to live there and enjoy it all year long. The campus is also full of outstanding pieces of architecture. The Phillips Theme Tower is one of the most remarkable and beautiful ones.

Even if you don’t study in any of the mentioned above universities, it is highly advised to visit them in order to enjoy the views at least for a few hours.



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