Boosting The Productivity Under Stress

There are such moments in your life when you simply cannot handle all that workload around you. Being confused and distressed, a person is embarrassed, cannot act efficiently or think in a proper way. Usually, people try to recover with the help of such means that only deteriorate the situation (staying up long at night, spending a lot of time online, gossiping with each other). They simply do not know the proper effective ways of recovering and lead themselves into even deeper pit. However, here are a few quite useful hints to save yourself from such annoying embarrassment.

Go to Bed

If your brain is so much flooded with an unbelievable amount of work and you simply do not know what to begin with, just go to sleep. Even if it is an early morning, do not even try to solve any of those problems. The brain needs to rest from time to time, and if you understand that it is impossible for you to focus, give yourself a break.

Be an Earlybird

For most people, it is quite challenging to get up early. However, your brain works the most effectively before the noon. Try to organize the work before the midday and you will see how smoothly and quickly the day will pass.

Parentel Advice

If you have a kid waking up early together with you, then it is easy to understand how I had felt before I understood one valuable thing. Waking up before your child does makes the mornings much more appealing. Baby’s cry is the worst alarm clock ever. You are still sleeping, you are overwhelmed and do not understand what is going on. Thus, get up a few minutes before the kid, make a cup of coffee and be ready to meet you precious.

Pondering before Sleep

After a long working day, your head is full of thoughts, and you keep thinking about the future problems. Usually it happens late at night, so in the result you get no sleep and no appropriate planning. In this case, you can note the future tasks. Use your mobile phone to take notes of your mess in the head. Thus, you will feel relieved and finally get the desired sleep.

Do not Rely on Your Memory

With a mess in your head, it is unbelievably challenging to remember anything. Forget about your memory, use notifications to remind yourself about the tasks during a day. Again, your mobile phone fits here perfectly. Later, your system of reminders will turn into a full-scaled schedule, which will soon become an integral part of your life.

Change the Atmosphere

Your home is a place of constant household chores, naughty kids and not less naughty husband. Therefore, if you must get the job done, direct yourself out of the house, find a pleasant café, place in a park or your office!

Volume It up

Some people work better with a certain rhythm, while others think much more efficiently with the same rhythm. Find a perfect melody for your pace and let it keep your mood up for the whole day.



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