Process Analysis Essay

Process analysis essays are papers which characterize a specific process where each stage of activity is placed in a logical order. Essays of this type begin with a part where the process is being introduced and continued with a chapter that highlights the results being obtained when all stages of the process are completed. A subsequent part of the process analysis essays consists of the paragraphs where each step of the process is described in detail. The conclusion includes a brief summary of the process where all major milestones are listed.

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Living in the modern world which is full of stress, we are bound to pick up unhealthy habits. When one realizes that he or she engages in repeating harmful or unhealthy behaviors, the person starts to think how to terminate this destructive behavior pattern. Although it’s a very good intention, without the knowledge of how to combat bad habits, it is very difficult to get rid of them. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, picking lips, eating before going to sleep are just a few of the most wide-spread unhealthy habits that people in the modern society pick up. In order to get rid of these and other bad habits and live a healthier life, one has to follow a simple algorithm that consists of several steps.

The first step is to realize that you’re engaged in repetitive, unhealthy behavior that harms you and that you want to get rid of. Otherwise, the process of healing won’t be possible and all efforts will be in vain. When the person knows the problem and is motivated to face it, it gives much better results. The second step consists of planning and analyzing. An individual needs to understand how often he or she engages in drinking alcohol, for instance. This will help to realize how big the problem is. Then, one should think which healthy habit can replace an unhealthy one. For example, instead of drinking a glass of wine, one may choose to drink a glass of high-quality Chinese tea. In this way the ritual will be performed, but with a beneficial substance instead of damaging one.

Lastly, one has to track the result and see the efficiency of performed actions. If the person gets rid of a bad habit successfully, he or she can reward themselves with a gadget, a new clothing item, etc. A system like this will help people to remain motivated and continue to stick to their new, healthier habits without returning to unhealthy ones.

As a conclusion, it should be mentioned that getting rid of a bad habit is not a simple goal to reach, but certainly an achievable one. In order to do it, one has to realize that he or she has an unhealthy habit, understand when they engage in it, and replace it with a healthier activity that gives benefits. It is crucial to keep track of results and reward yourself when milestones of the healthier life are reached.



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