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Alternative Funding

Agencies that are non-profit in nature do often have a lot of difficulties and processes to receive grants. In some cases, even after receiving the grant, it is not sufficient to facilitate all their activities. As such, non-profit making programs have to seek alternative funding (Anheier, 2005, p. 228). In the case of PEACE Domestic Violence Agency (PEACE), alternative funding can be achieved through several ways. The process of getting alternative funding is one that entails planning, having a positive attitude as well as having determination. Fund raising also requires the undertaking of several steps. The steps that are involved include getting ready to seek the funds, indulging in some research, reality and request, and lastly developing a relationship between the program and the targeted donor.

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In light of the above noted issues, PEACE board of directors will be mandated with the duty of ensuring that its entire staff has the readiness material that is needed. Such material would include the plan for the fundraising, the purpose of the fundraising, and the expectations.

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Through research, the program will be able to gather all the necessary information to aid the agency to identify the right donor for the program. This is attained by reviewing the strategic areas that would interest the potential donors. The donors can vary from the new and old local businesses to local and distant volunteers as well as the public.

PEACE will use the reality step so as to determine their best prospects. In order for PEACE to succeed, they will have to develop a strategy for every prospect that they identify. A leading example is that domestic violence has affected men, women, and children in the same breath. On the other hand, the entire group will greatly benefit from education, health awareness as well as tender loving care.

Relationship is the means through which an organization or a program uses to allow all the prospective donors to realize the aspirations of their agency. In the case of PEACE, the relationship would be towards the reduction of trauma, the empowerment of the survivors, and lastly the promotion of recovery.

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In conclusion, PEACE would have to seek one of several alternatives. Some of the alternatives would be fundraising, they can open thrift stores to generate income form the profits therein, solicit funds from the local businesses. They can also indulge in the sale of commemorative bricks; also, the agency can hold special events within the community to the same end of raising alternative funds (Burlingame, 2004).

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