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Program Development Process

Overview of the Program

The program, Peace Domestic Violence Agency (PEACE), is set out to seek different ways, through which the program can improve the domesticated situation in the provision of services to domestic violence victims. The main concerns of the program arise from its mission statement they have set out and the consequential approach by the program, which act as the set controls and balances to the professional approach to their goals.

Primary Concerns:

(i)    PEACE seeks to decrease the suffering of the victims;

(ii)    PEACE seeks to restore the individuality of the victims;

(iii)   PEACE seeks to support recovery through the provision of direct care.

Consequential Approach

(i)    PEACE will seek to challenge the public beliefs and familiarities that have advocated or tolerated violence in the target community;

(ii)   PEACE will seek to decrease the causes and the effects of domestic violence. They will achieve this through the provision of education (P.E.A.C.E., 2011).

Strategy and Mission Statement

In duration of the past five years, the community of the city of Portland has seen an increase in the cases of domestic violence; this is mostly in the number of youths and domestic situations. There has also been the case for spousal abuse, incidences of road rage, and also child abuse. The program will seek to decrease these cases through the administration of therapeutic services, as well as through the empowerment of the residents of the city of Portland.


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PEACE will target the youths, the women, and the children of the city. In particular, the target group will be those, who have been the victims of the domestic violence. PEACE has placed its full commitment to the services of those, who have been distressed and in urgent need of PEACE services, care, recovery, and also empowerment (P.E.A.C.E., 2011).


The community of Portland is comprised of the various citizens, about three-quarters of them being feminine, who are estimated to have their livelihood in the rural areas and facing victimization by their partners. As noted by Pam (1997), Americans are awakening to the reality that these facts have continued to contribute to the rising cases of child abuse and domestic violence. In the end, the Americans have realized that this creates a general public dangerous problem. The court indictments have also shown a continued rise in the number of such cases. A recent report recorded that in a single day 55 000 incidents were reported; among those were the cases of women, children, and men who were getting assistance from those offering domestic violence services in their areas. The report further mentioned that there was a considerable number of people, who even sought shelter in temporary housings, which served as safe havens for them as emergency shelters. Furthermore, in the report it was mentioned that over one-quarter of the said population, making up to 60% of them, comprised of children. Crime was also in the rise to up to 25% with this comprising to even a rise in the number of reported felonies. According to the survey of these crimes, there existed a number of people that were related to the sexual assaults, as well as to the domesticate crimes.

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Organizations that were biased towards domestic crimes and child abuse have also been credited in their role in assistance towards the injured parties, as well as in the provision of protection from both physical and psychological situations. These organizations act as a shelter for hope and trust for millions of individuals, who have no other safe harbors. A recent survey also realized an increase in the number of emergency calls that were made to hotlines that were with regards to protection and shelter, child abuse cases, counseling for trauma cases, and also for legal services. An unfortunate observation is, however, that there were many more cases that went unreported, as the victims either do have shelter or are afraid to make such reports. Moreover, in some cases, the victims are also ignorant of the resources that they can refer to for assistance. The end result of such scenario is that those, responsible for such atrocities, go unpunished. The plight of the victims is also in most cases characterized by cases of unemployment and poverty, all coupled by other residual issues. The culminations of all these factors, thus, raise the need to address the plight of these children and women, who are faced by these situations, and as such are in dire need of much needed assistance. The problems of these victims can vary from a series of events, cases of conflicts that can be fatal, and insignificant cuts, all of which are coupled by psychological issues.

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In devoid of proper funding of the program, there is a high risk that the minority, comprising of the children and the low income members of the community of becoming victims of dysfunctional lifestyles, who in most cases ascribe to settling within surroundings that are intimidating. Notably, these said persons live in a perpetual cycle of disorder, forcing themselves to live in physical and psychological torture. PEACE is, thus, dedicated towards ensuring that there is a considerable increase in comfort and safety of the mothers and children, who are at risk of being in hostile surrounding, when they are within their areas of residence. The program seeks to offer educational guidance to the target community, provide conflict resolution skills that are efficient, provide coping strategies, and also to foster a deep relationship between the parents and their children, while in the same light frustrate the continuance of the existing violent behaviors.

Program Planning

In the programming phase of a plan, it is essential that the same originates from the process of gathering the managerial resources. In so doing the program is able to establish some primary goals that will be achieved by an assortment of other achievable goals.

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Phase 1: Categorization of documented interventions:

  1. Entails the collection of all of the case statistics that are filled with the police that are domestic violence and sexual assault in nature;
  2. Recording of the forms of interventions that amount to the filed cases of domestic violence, the staff and the participant to the project that was undertaken.

Phase 2: Applications forms that are used to gather consecutive orders as pertaining to the applicant projects;

Phase 3: Survey scales to give feedback on assessments with regards to projects by the individual applicants, as well as from the staff in order to provide full contentment;

Phase 4: The listing of various ethnographic explanations on the activities that will be used to determine the success of the program’s progress;

Phase 5 The filling of attendance sheets, the activity logs, and also of the meeting forms. These documents will all be calculated in order to determine the operation of the program’s services within a specific demographic location.

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All of the confidential information that is handled by PEACE will be stored in computers. Access to such information will be limited to the specific personnel, such as  the evaluation team and the project directors. The participants will be provided with identification cards by the agency, which will have their numerical codes.

The name and number logs will be also kept separately, whereas the link log will be password protected and access restricted to the fore-mentioned personnel only. With regards to the legal restrictions, the evaluation of data will be treated with utmost confidentiality and honesty.

Budgeting Status Reports

PEACE will ensure that they submit their Budget Status Reports as is supplied by the National Foundation’s Funding Program. Within the presented budget, $6000.00 will be used monthly for the salaries of three permanent employees consisting of one director and two officials, the office’s general supplies, as well as payments for a counselor reserved for issues that are distress related. A total of $70 000 per annum, reflecting a 40% of the grant will be utilized by the foundation to finance the “Stakeholder Program”.

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Alternative Funding

With respect to the urgent need to receive funding, as well as the preceding miserable conditions, PEACE will endeavor to have their grant funding to be derived from the National Foundation’s Funding Program. With sufficient aid, the agency will also seek to achieve its objectives in the promotion of safety for the young men, women, and children, who do not rely on the agency for their livelihood, but are victims of domestic violence. The program’s objectives are to ensure that there are lesser cases of domestic violence. Thus, the program seeks to attain this problem through the increase in awareness, provision of education, and provision of the required services. PEACE has also continued to submit applications to go towards their “Stakeholders Program”. A further $150 000 annually is gained from the six under businesses, that have been developed in order to align with the Supporting Families Plan objective.

From this grant, PEACE will be able to support its operations and service costs. These will be the provision of assistance to the individuals, who are overwhelmed living with the pre-determined demographics. The facility operations and the development expenses will be arising from bills. These could include bills incurred from transportation, daily operations, salary benefits, and also legal assistance among others.

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PEACE Domestic Violence Agency Logistic Operation Model

This will consist of the program planning various activities, long-term objectives, the input and output, which all do influence the factual objectives, which vary greatly in Project Planning.


These would entail the worksites, the education system families, and also public planning and societies.

Influential Factors

This will include the varying target population, multi-ethnicity of the target population, illiteracy, and operating in multiple states.

Initial Outcome

Entail the objectives of the resident’s association, whose devotion is the extinguishing of both sexual and domestic violence.


Support by the society through policies, regulations, sharing of resources, through organization and association, as well as through the benefits of the targeted population.


The agency seeks to address issues relating to ending of domestic and sexual violence towards the targeted population.

Long-term Outcomes

The program will seek to change the standards leveled towards social behaviors on sexual attacks and domestic violence. The program will also seek to decrease the level of violence and abuse within the community of the city of Portland.

Intermediate Outcome

The workers and victims with PEACE will have an enhanced environmental and social interface.


The program will indulge into the following: educational systems, worksites, development of organizations and resources, public planning, and enhancement of societal support.

The project will, however, be a test of the agency’s ability through its administration. This is achieved through the application of art, dexterity of knowledge, and embracement of science. An embracement of these will assist in the project management challenges that might be faced (Nayab, 2011).

PEACE will also seek to make use of the additional finances upon the availability of the same in order to ensure that vital services are addressed. These could include the repairs to the facility, the legal expenses by the victims, and the hiring of more staff among others.

As Inett (2003) points out, PEACE will need to develop efficient communications skills as a habit, so as to achieve their objectives.


Evaluation seeks to:

a)     Develop an evaluation statistics report;

b)     Evaluate the effectiveness of the management program;

c)      Measure the improvement gained from the domestic violence workshops;

d)   Define the project’s influence on the quantity and quality of the program, as provided for to the targeted community;

e)      Determine the success in the behavioral approaches as projected by the program.

In conclusion, when winding up a project, the applicants should be liable, it should be affordable, and the target community should have a need for the project coupled by competence by the project’s purpose towards their projected goals. This plan should, thus, act as a strategic success plan. The grant agency will be supplied with an organized report for this program, upon which they will evaluate the success of PEACE Domestic Violence Agency Program.



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