Environmental Investigation Groups

The main task of this group is to provide unprejudiced and thorough information about the environment. The group started their work in 1994.

All these years were devoted to the investigation of the real state of the environment. Most of the mass media tried to conceal real facts and give us untruthful information. Such rash actions lead to misunderstanding among people. Sometimes people cannot realize the scale of the environmental problems. As for me, truthful information is the best way to manage with environmental problems. Their international cooperation is in the creation of projects that improve environmental monitoring, sharing data with their partners all over the world. Without truthful data, people cannot see the scale of the disaster. I would be glad to join the European Environmental Group.

There are many environmental problems nowadays. As for me, the most important problem is water pollution and its lack. Water is a basis of life. Uzbek proverb says: “As soon as water ends the life comes to an end.” Today these words are very urgent. All world organizations are concerned about it and many conferences were held at this point. World Health Organization informs: “Unfortunately, every third person on the Earth faces the problem of water scarcity”. During the World Wide Fund for Nature conference, which was held in Rome, the supervisor of a scientific group Giafranco Bologna said that water reserves on the planet are very limited and they will run out in 30 years. According to him, from 1986 abnormal processes have started on the Earth. The development of new technologies led us to the situation that mankind started to use more land resources than the planet can produce.

In addition, scientists discussed problems of providing people with pure, potable water on a scientific congress, which was held on September 5, 2008, in Venice. The participants of this conference mentioned that during two last centuries the consumption of pure and potable water increased in two times. According to World Commission on Water data, today every person needs 40 liters of water for drinking, cooking, washing and personal hygiene. However, about 1 billion people from 28 countries have no access to clean and potable water. Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Elfaty Eltair, thinks that people use water unreasonably. Mankind must reduce consumption of this very valuable resource. People from African countries use 40 liters of water during the week while Italian people use 40 liters of water only for a bath in the morning. I think that it is aimless. In India, people get water that is not fitting for use, but they have no alternative. If people do not take into consideration all these horrible facts, mankind will have no future because the world will fade away. Humanity will disappear and of course, this situation disturbs me.



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