Don’t Ask ‘How Are You?’ Unless You Mean It

We often ask how other people are doing yet we don’t take time to listen to their replies. This shows we do it as a norm but actually we aren’t interested to know how they are doing. We rarely listen to them as we are either busy in our own thoughts or feel what they are going through aren’t our business. This article is an interview with Judith Jamison, an artistic director, it was conducted by Adam Bryant. Judith talks about leadership, learning to appreciate all humankind and taking time to listen to other people’s views. She believes all people ought to be given equal chances to fully utilize their potential in the field they are good in.

According to Jamison, when people seem to do things better than us, we should give them space to proof themselves. What should matter most is that everything is running as it should. We should focus on knowing who a person is then from there we can develop their whole potential. She believes the most important aspect of all is giving other people our attention. After listening at people’s thoughts and what they believe in, then one can make sound decision on whether to work with them or not. Being a manager does not mean that you dictate how things should be done but rather serve other people and always ensure everything is under control. Making people work in groups helps to bring out the best in them. They learn how to relate and work together to achieve their goals. One cannot make it alone and all people around us play an integral part towards us realizing our goals.

It all starts with “Hello, how are you?” and then listening to ones thoughts and feelings. This creates confident and self enthusiasm. Caring about other people’s views helps us to appreciate them and see some uniqueness in them. It’s hard to understand those who surround us unless we take our time to know them better. This can only be achieved by listening at them.



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