Preparedness for Disaster

Does the nation possess full-level preparedness in response to a disaster? The question appears critical following the security demands in the modern world. Far from security threats, catastrophes result from natural happenings. For instance, flood breakouts and disease attacks are all incidences of calamities. It, therefore, remains that such occurrences require high-level preparedness. The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) together with FEMA have defined disaster to include both the natural weather calamities and attacks resulting from terrorists (Bullock, Haddow, & Coppola, 2013). On personal definition, disaster entails any occurrence, either the act of nature or human-facilitated, that causes destruction to the world valued features. The question proves vital for the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department since it provides grounds on which to evaluate their level of disaster preparedness. The Department needs to use the question in testing all the strategies and the gadgets they have for disaster preparedness.

Research Hypothesis

#1. The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have full preparation for any form of disaster.

The above hypothesis is critical for answering the research question. It strives to solicit positive facts regarding the level of preparedness in the Department concerning the adversity outbreak. It is by accurately answering the question that the researcher gets proper grounds for making his inference. The hypothesis will involve analysis of all the indicators of disaster preparedness in the Department and then making an appropriate deduction.

The evidence obtained from the Department will prove the hypothesis on whether it is precise or not. In essence, the supposition proves vital for the above research question in many aspects.

#2. Only specific sections in the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have full preparedness for disaster management.

Usually, departments operate several units that are collectively responsible for its final achievements. The hypothesis thus only recognizes the capability of the smaller units rather than the whole section. The argument is important as it answers the research question by narrowing to the subdivisions making up the sector. In doing so, it provides detailed conclusions based on the sub-departmental heads.

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Moreover, the research results become more convincing when based on smaller sections of the HSEM rather than the Department as a whole. It thus proves fundamental integrating the hypothesis in the research process.

#3. There is no adequate level of disaster preparedness in the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

The hypothesis provides a conclusion for the research question on the level of disaster readiness. It helps in recognizing the existence of some level of preparedness in the Department. The statement is essential since it provides grounds on which the researcher gets hints for the issue in question.

Since the Department of HSEM has been doing a considerable work, it is worth recognizing their effort in response to the research question. Moreover, the statement aims at confirming its allegations in response to the issue.

The hypothesis #1 recognizes the existence of high-level preparedness of the Department concerning disasters. Bullock, Haddow, and Coppola supports the argument while looking at the essentials of the subdivision (Bullock et al., 2013). The analysis remains critical in answering the research question.

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The hypothesis #2 gains support from the United States Department of Homeland Security Handbook (2006) that investigates the level of preparedness in the unit of border and transportation security. It thus obtains intellectual support in answering the research question.

Various reports from the American government showed at some point the lack of preparedness of the Department of HSEM (United States, 2006). The article’s view remains in support of the hypothesis #3 that claims the lack of preparedness of the Department. The statement thus solicits support from the previous intellectuals in recognizing the problem.

Finally, the research hypotheses remain remarkably significant in soliciting satisfactory evidence on the research query. Moreover, the research serves a noble role since the world currently faces disasters from all angles including floods and terror attacks. The finding, therefore, will facilitate the preparedness level for any form of calamity.

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