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Food events are actually opportunities for cultural continuity. This is because the event itself may not bear much significance as the food that people will consume during the event. Such events may range from annual dinners to sporting activities. Food is the focal point in such events because it marks a crucial aspect of people’s culture. Belasco and Camp approach this issue from different perspectives.

Belasco draws a thick line between food and culture by borrowing from other scholars. Such scholars include Brillat-Savarin who avers that we are what we eat. To show that culture is different and diverse, another scholar, Lucretius, posits that one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. The importance of this is that food plays a central role in defining the culture of a people.

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Camp also sees a strong relationship between food and cultural traditions. He states that food events take place on a daily basis through special occasions like weddings, and the not so special ones like family dinners. They give a lot of insight into the public and private life of individuals, and this bears the individual’s culture. These might seem ordinary events, but they contribute significantly to the decision-making process that shapes people’s identity and culture.

Food and culture are generally inseparable. It is natural for people to tend towards food because biologically, they have to satisfy their hunger. Essentially, Belasco’s and Camp’s approach is useful in understanding the relationship between food and culture.

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