The Differences between the ADN and BSN Nursing

The differences between the Associate Degree in Nursing (AND) and Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSC) is stipulated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The institution authored a handbook between and 2010 and 2011titled the Occupational Outlook Handbook. According to the bureau the difference between the two degree programs is the duration of the education. The BSC nursing programs offered takes four years to complete. The degree program can be taught in the community and junior colleges, which takes 2-3 years. On the other hand, the Associate Degree in Nursing administered in hospitals takes three years to be complete (Haase, 1990).  However, the hospital diplomas are available although very few institutions offer such programs. Government and policy makers in the education sector are working towards streamlining entry standards into the profession. This could lead to the elimination of diploma programs though it does not necessarily mean that they offer inferior training.

Notably, nurses with higher education standards do provide better care. This has forces the leaders in the nursing community to recommend BSC nursing as the primary entry level. Studies have indicated that nurses having the BSC nursing degree are efficient in the provision of nursing services than the AND nurses. These differences are outlined in the book titled Education Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation clarifies the dilemma in the education Sector (Taylor, 2008). The book explains that Nurses are the least educated members of the medical field. According to the author, the Physicians, Physical therapist, Medical doctors, Pharmacist and Speech Pathologist are expected to be educated to proffer better services. This has forced the nursing fraternity to consider raising the bar in the entry the level for nursing profession. The students with aspiration to be nurses are advised to study nursing that culminates to Bachelors degree.

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 According to Haase (1990), the BSN nurses have a propensity to fill the gap between the middle level clinical administration and management roles than the AND nurses. The BSC degree entails a lot of administrative training programs making them effective managers. However, there is no clear difference between the two degree programs. The two programs give the graduates skills to bring hands on patient care. The Associate Degree Nursing graduates prefer training in the field since it is easier to be employed (Haase, 1990). Many graduates like to get employed and start earning sooner since the duration of study is shorter. The graduates with ADN are given higher administration position hence the tendency by many to continue with course work that leads to completion of BSC degree. Additionally, the BSN degree is the only requirement for the enrollment for graduates to further their studies in the medical field. The nurses with BSC have a higher chance for advancement to position such as nursing director. They are also able to continue into advanced clinical programs for instance nurse midwife or anesthetist.

The similarity between the two professions is that both the ADN and BSC graduates start at the similar point in the clinical practice. To add on that, both programs have a common curriculum such as pediatrics, Maternal nursing, Adult health, gerontological nursing and community health nursing (Goulette, 2010). However, BSC nursing curriculum offers additional programs in nursing research, nursing informatics, and nursing theory. The advantages of studying the Bachelor Degree in Nursing is the program give the nurses an opportunity to advance to a managerial position. In addition, the BSC nurses are prepared to continue advanced degree program. Nurses holding Associate Degree in Nursing is less expensive to pursue. The Associate Degree in nursing takes less time than BSC graduates, which has increased the preference by many people.

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