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Response 1

Solace refers to the feeling of peace of mind that one derives from something or out of doing something. The life we are leaving today is full of stressing things in everyday affairs ranging from job demands to increased cost of living. Thus one has to find something that can help them relax.

I am at peace

Response 2

Self-acceptance is the ability of an individual to accept himself and his/her situation(s) in life and consequently try to derive the best out of life. It is very important that we accept ourselves as we are, because some situations that we are in are really the status of mind. For instance, in the work by Washington, we are told that freedom and imprisonment are just status of mind.

Are you open-minded

Response 3

It is possible to enjoy life to the fullest regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. One can be in prison, for instance, and be able to live a dreaming life. Washington started his writing career behind bars. Finally, we should focus our life goals.



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