How to Avoid Internet Scammers


We have been living in information society long enough to get used to such an amazing thing as Internet. It became part of our life. We get in touch with people we like, buy things we want, some of us donate charity over the websites. We all know that internet gave us an opportunity to make our life much easier. However, what many of us never think about is that Internet has made life much easier for scammers as well. Internet users, have to face  social, ethical and legal issues connected with fraud; that is why they must know and understand the ways how to avoid it.

Social Issuesand Their Impact

To analyze social issues that deal with online fraud, we will take dating websites as an example. Some people tend to believe that these are the most perfect places to find soul mates. Nevertheless, what people may not know is that these sites are also one of those places where scammers make their fortunes. This is how it works. Fraudsters start with creating accounts. Website “Consumer Affairs” tells that there are some signs that can help you to put some users in potential fraud category. If they are registering as a male, they will probably be around 46 years old, looking for lady aged 38-58 years. If it is a profile of a “woman”, it will be attractive lady around 31 years, who is looking for 58-year old gentleman. After registration, they start searching for targets. As soon as they find naïve people, getting their trust becomes their priority number one. When they reached the goal, it is a matter of time when the victims start to believe in their stories about tough financial problems and send them money trying to help.

Being cheated in such a dishonest way can have some huge impacts on human personality. It may lead to mental problems. Things like stress, depression, and anger become are faced by those who were tricked. It gets much harder for them to trust someone new in their life; they become more distrustful. In some cases, it makes sense to get help of a psychologist.

There are organizations that offer support to people who were scammed like this. Depending on how much money has been lost, sometimes, there is nothing left on this kind of treatment. In other words, victims of scammers suffer mentally as well as financially.

Ethical Issues and Their Impact

Nowadays, anyone can be scammed by donating charities, because names of some of these organisations have been used falsely for a long time. It is very easy to get money from kind people who want to make contribution to something good.

There is also a chance to lose your money by simply trying to sell items on eBay. As said the author of the “How To Scam People On Ebay” on the Ding.A.Ling123, “precautions were made”. Unfortunately, it did not change things much. The only difference is that it has become easier to scam people if you are a buyer, rather than when you are a seller.

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Usually, people who donate to charity have no idea whether their money has been sent on good purpose or stolen by somebody. Though, all the secrets become clear. When truth finally is revealed, the actions of that “somebody” significantly hurt the reputation of the organization. It is such a shame, because those who organize these charity foundations initially try to help the ones who really need assistance, for example, those who are suffering from canser or who survived hurricanes.

If the scammers have been found doing their operations in some well-known company, there is no doubt that it will make the customers lose trust. No matter how good the company is, since then it can be associated with fraudsters. 

When we analyze consequences of scamming on eBay, we should understand that victims of scammers will not want to sell items via the Internet any more. They will not sell on the website where they have been scammed. Some people who were tricked this way start to increase privacy on their profiles on the facebook to reduce chances of being scammed over the social network.

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Continuing to research everything that deals with scamming, we cannot forget about some legal issues. It is much easier for criminals to gain somebody’s trust when they use stolen identities. Identity theft it is a situation when somebody’s personal data are being used by someone else for personal purposes. In “The Free Dictionaey”, it is said that there are two types of punishment for those who have been caught on violation of the law this way (The Free Dictionary n.p.). They will either pay a huge fine or will go to prison; sometimes, it can be both.

Fraud is a certain illegal course of actions that imply getting money or valuable items from another person. In some cases, it could be anything but money. For example, fraudsters can steal people’s staff and start selling them for a very high price to someone who needs it. Also, they might star using the information about others to gain something just for themselves.

Fraudsters can leave their victims simply with nothing. Those people who have been tricked will be forced to start from scratch. It means that they will have to go through procedures of applying for new cards, open new accounts, etc.

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Victims may not even know that their names could be used for illegal purposes, which will lead to further legal issues or convictions. In these cases, those who were tricked, might end up being the ones to blame. It takes time for investigators to make sure that they are innocent. Usually, those people whose identities were stolen do not pay fines and do not go to prison as it can happen to anyone.

If somebody’s identity is stolen, it can lead to unpredictable consequences. Oftentimes, things that fraudsters left after them can ruin another person’s reputation. It might sound tough and corny, but that is truth.

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