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Anxiety has been a common problem facing the college students, especially those who are involved in some other actions alongside studies. Research has showed that students who do part time job with the aim of supporting themselves and their families are at a higher risk of having anxiety together with depression. Anxiety is to feel uneasy, worried and nervous, especially about something that has an uncertain outcome. It is typical to feel stressed and anxious in college. Students often encounter greater manifestations of trepidation, stress, and even panic that may be the indication of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are more regular than people presumably might suspect. In the research, I am going to investigate anxiety and the type of students I have discussed. My formulated hypothesis is that the stated type of college students is more likely to suffer from anxiety. The variables here will be the number of students that have anxiety and the roles they take alongside the studies.


The most standout amongst the well-known issues confronting college students is anxiety. Definitely, the included stress of being in the other environment, being far from home and stress because everything has to be done well in college can overpower some individuals. Anxiety disorders are among the most widely recognized or often happening issues confronting college students. Commonly, anxiety disorders include aggravations in mindset, considering, conduct and physiological movement. In the college under study they may take numerous structures. They regularly show as disorders in conformity with anxious gimmicks, test or execution anxiety, social fear, or substance instigate anxiety disorders. Like depression, anxiety disorders and panic disorders regularly happen in families. Hence, hereditary qualities, biochemical and ecological elements might all be included. It is vital to recollect that with the help, the indications are treatable, and people can learn effective methods for adapting to anxiety. It is typically not exceptionally supportive to imagine that anxiety will essentially go away all alone.

In my research I used survey as a method of data collection. I took three groups of students, analyzed them, and drew conclusions from them. The first group was the students with college responsibility alone. After examinations and few questions to test the group, I found that they had the lowest level of anxiety since they have less workload compared to the rest. The second group was those who worked alongside with attending school. They have a relatively higher level of anxiety compared to the first group due to their increased workload. The last group was the students who have family obligations, work and attend school. This group revealed the highest level of anxiety, and this was because of their increased workload. Therefore, the level of anxiety increased as the obligations increase.

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My research showed that the level of anxiety in college students is at an unequaled high. A huge number of developing grown-ups are encountering side effects that are making day-by-day schedules testing. These indications may incorporate, however, they are not restricted to the tiredness, loss of longing, feeling of misery, absence of concern, and peevishness. Long stretches of affliction through such sentiments are non-helpful for managing the requests of college life. The reasons for depression are as elite as a person that encounters turmoil. For some students, nevertheless, depression can be considered as a stressor. For example, scholastic weight, lack of social alteration, inadequate slumber, and stress of the general move to the college life are also stressors. A predictable finding in the writing is the relationship in the middle of stressors and improvement of depressive manifestations in the college under study. What is more, the adapting aptitude of an individual altogether affects his or her reaction to stress.

Some slight anxiety is normal with respect to specific occasions like exam, a paramount or new occasion such as a meeting or speaking in front of a crowd of people. It normally makes people be more caution and arranged. Nonetheless, when stress or anxiety gets overpowering and meddles in one’s everyday life and capacity to adapt adequately, then it is unhealthy and requires help of a mental wellbeing  specialist. Panic attacks, in which these overwhelming emotions of anxiety are communicated, may be restricted. Panic attacks are moments of overwhelming fear that are presented with physiological manifestations, such as palpitations, dizziness, stomach complains, and others that happen unexpectedly without any outside reasons. More than 1.6% of healthy people may encounter a sudden panic attack. They can happen in conjunction with social fear, unreasonable anxiety and real depression. People will often think that the apprehension they are encountering is extreme or outlandish. On the contrary, they are not able to adapt to the anxiety that is experienced. Two and more sudden panic attacks with relentless concern or fear of experiencing such attacks in future, change the conduct of the affected person. To stop or minimize attacks that cause troubles in the work ought to be further explored with support of an advisor. It is better to look for treatment that is right to keep it from advancing to later stages.


In conclusion, I established that a statistically noteworthy relationship between the amount of task a student does and the level of anxiety exists. Some characteristics were discovered to be fundamentally the same for each group of students. Concerning the effect of the variables I had on the social anxiety score, the age of students under study identified the level of social anxiety. Particularly, more seasoned students bring down the level of social anxiety. Suggestions for future exploration, arrangement change, and clinical practice were investigated in the discourse segment.

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