Tanglewood Case 3: Recruiting

Recruiting Guide

Tanglewood requires recruiting new employees for the store associate work. The recruiting process involves reviewing the current policies in order to provide better results of employing store associates. The first step towards the successful recruiting is gathering information about the possible candidates. Tanglewood uses two approaches to analyze the received data. The first approach is the quantitative data analysis. It includes information about individuals who receive job offers and accept them, individuals who are qualified for the position, individuals who applied for a job, and those who work for the organization for at least six months. The second approach is focused on the managers groups. The role of managers in recruiting process is predetermined by the need of certain individuals able to perform the required obligations.

The Best "Targets" for a Given Recruiting Effort

Tanglewood determines the following targets for a recruiting process. The first is reducing the employees’ turnover. All new employees need some time to be fully integrated in the work process. Hence, the more turnovers organization has, the more it loses. According to this fact, Tanglewood views turnover as a negative phenomenon and thus, the organization tries to reduce it (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012).

The second point is gap between the initial contact between many applicants and the actual hiring decision. The majority of managers agree that such lags slow down the recruiting process. Thus, it is necessary to put attention to those methods, which will exclude these problems. The third point concerns the entire recruiting process, which is marked as cumbersome. Managers believe that the whole procedure requires too much time and efforts; thus, it is necessary to find methods, which will minimize time spent on searching for new candidates.

The last point is dedicated to the new employees. The majority of new employees do not have much experience in retail work, It means that they do not realize the whole importance of their duties, communication with customers, positive attitude to them, and the quality service. Senior managers also indicate that the additional trainings targeted at the improving employees’ skills do not bring visible changes (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). The reason is that new employees become annoyed by the customers and refuse to help them. Probably, the new employees require more detailed introduction to their position’s duties in order to understand what they should do and what skills are required for this work.

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According to the listed factors, one can make a conclusion that a recruiting system requires some changes. These changes concern four main aspects such as the detail analysis of the received data about employees, exclusion of lags in recruiting system, reduction of employees’ turnover, and the detailed introduction of position.

Recruiting Methods

Managers have made few steps to improve the process of recruiting; five main sources which should make the recruiting more effective were proposed. These sources include media, kiosk, state job services, staffing agency, and referrals.

Media appears to be the most traditional method of recruiting; it includes various types of advertising, such as television, radio, print sources and the internet. This method impacts the large audience of people, but it has one significant disadvantage. All these ways of advertising are targeted on the large audience but not the required category of people with necessary skills. Hence, the position may be taken by a person who does not correspond to the demands. Kiosk is introduced as a computerized kiosk, which is usually located in the entrance of the store. Kiosk does not need internet connection to demonstrate the brief video about a job position. Hence, it is more beneficial than media types of advertising. However, the cost of one kiosk is about 40,000 dollars; even a wealthy organization cannot use many of these kiosks to promote the new vacancies. 

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State job service provides the qualifications of the potential candidates. In fact, this method recommends candidates for the applied job. The cost of these services is the half of the media’s ones. Staffing agencies provide the data base with the actual selection of candidates on StoreStaff. An organization may select the candidates who are appropriate for the required position and choose those, whose skills will have the beneficial effect on the company. The last method is the usage of referrals. An organization uses its own workers in order to advertise a position among their friends and relatives. Moreover, for every hired friend, an employee will receive one hundred dollars. This method is quite effective because employees are interested in the financial bounce; thus, they will try to attract the attention of their friends to a new position in the organization.

Recruiting in the Future

The future recruiting process should be more oriented on the new sources of advertising than on the ordinary ones. For instance, the organization should use social networks in order to attract more representatives from the young generation. The changes should also concern the interviewing the candidates. This step is necessary to take in order to prevent the hiring of the employees who do not understand their duties. In this way, the organization will save its time and money and direct them on those employees who really need trainings and are ready to improve their professional skills.

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