Utilization of Assessments

I was able to interview an experienced Human Resource (HR) professional called Susan Simmons through my mother’s friend who works with her. Susan Simmons is the HR manager of All Tech networking Co. Ltd., located at Boylston Street. She agreed to a 2 hour job interview session with her at the place of her work. The aim of our conversation was to discuss the type of assessments in her organization.

I began the talk with asking my interviewee to identify her affiliation, the branch where she works, hers position and the number of years she have worked there. Susan stated that she started working at All Tech as vice HR manager 11 years ago.  At the time, she was lived in Georgia and moved to the company’s headquarter in Boston to take her new position in 2008.

I chose this person mainly because of her job position and responsibilities she fulfill in the company. Being the HR general manager, my interviewee is well acquainted with issues that pertain to how assessments are utilized in their organization, thus making her the most appropriate person for my interview. Susan Simmons’ history and experience with using professional assessments began 6 years ago in 2008 after she was appointed the new HR manager for All Tech. However, the company had been accustomed to a culture of utilizing assessments long before Mrs. Simmons took a new position.

The most significant part of my interview involved knowing who, what, when, where, why and how were assessments utilized in All Tech. HR managers are in charge of overseeing the given task in this organization. They are assisted by Human Resource officers and clerks who deal with actual paperwork of analyzing the assessments. The Human Resource manager reports to the company’s executive board which are involved in the decision-making process based on the assessment of reports presented by the HR manager. The latter’s qualification is a Master degree in Human Resource management with over 5 years of experience while the clerks’ one is a bachelor’s degree in the same course with no experience (Mohapatra, 2012).

My interview with Mrs. Simmons proved that she had vast information on how assessments are utilized in her organization. The core objective of using estimation in the company was to improve its performance by completing appropriate assessments by all the employees. The evaluation also help in strategic planning of institutional issuers such as training.

At All Tech as well as in other organizations, company’s goals are set at the start of each financial year. These objectives are then broken down to departmental levels and then to individual ones. The performance of each employee is then assessed on the basis of the overall goals of the Company. Fulfillment of the stated objectives are linked to compensation planning and worker’s reward pay offs. My interviewee informed me that employee performance level layout is designed by the Human Resource department and the integrated rating system formulated for the staff to scrutinize.

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The assessments that Susan Simmons would like to implement for her organizations are: diagnostic, summative, and formative ones.

The first assessment would be undertaken at the beginning of new employees’ hiring or prior to a major project (Lusthaus, 2002). New worker would be assessed on the basis of their skills in various computer areas depending on the position that they are applying for. Formal measurements would include the aptitude tests. This type of assessment would be utilized to determine the decision-making process regarding whom to hire for available positions and whom to choose as a team member for specific projects.

The summative  assessment would be undertaken at the end of the financial year. It would be formally used to measure achievement levels of the company at the end of financial year. Summative assessments provide information that determines the performance outcome of the company.  Rubrics would be given to employees participating in a major number of projects so that they know what is expected from them. Rubrics would also be used to determine a more objective summative grade for members of various projects in the company. The HR personnel at All Tech would then use the summative assessments for evaluating and doing team analyses and the scores for each staff. The data would then be used to determine staff levels and rewards allocation.

The formative assessment would be used in order to build a cumulative performance of individual employees in the company. It would be done while the workers are discharging their duties. This process will take place on the quarterly basis and the results would be used to monitor individual employee’s ongoing progress (Reiss, 2012). It would also help in providing the management with instructional process guideline. This type of assessment would be used by the Human Resource personnel in managing the employee actions in the various projects.

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Thus, the interview was fruitful as it helped to understand various utilization methods of assessments in the organization. It also gave me an opportunity to learn more about the various types of assessments. In addition, I was able to understand benefits of the estimation in an organizational context. First, I leant that assessments are advantageous as it helps to evaluate the results and performance of the company. This is achieved by making estimation that guides the decision-making process where ways of improving the recognized inadequacies, weaknesses and gaps are designed. Assessments provide an avenue for growth of employees and company through organizing such events as training, promotions, transfers and salary rise.

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