Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

Part 1. Think of a leader with whom you have had experience either in the workplace, at school or at home who had a profoundly positive effect on you.

The person who highly influenced me and my life is my friend. He is rather good person, who encourages me to develop my personality and my knowledge. This person has aroused in me the desire to study and learn the world.

Studies show that the two thirds of basic knowledge and skills necessary for effective leadership today, belong to the sphere of emotional competence (Ulrich, 1999). Great leaders lead people propelled by emotion. As a leader, you must direct the emotions of the surrounding people, friends, team or organisation (Antonakis, 2004). If a leader manages emotions positively, people are beginning to show their best abilities. Leaders inspire people causing them to act, and they begin to work with enthusiasm, demonstrating their superior quality (Ponder, 2005). I think that my friend has very high emotional organisation of the behaviour, this is why he influenced my life so much.

Part 2. Describe the situation in which the leader led you and the attributes they demonstrated that you believe made them an effective leader.

My friend was my coach and my exemplar for many years. In the role of coach my friend made his mission to help me with the self-development. He helped me to connect personal goals with career goals, and provided full support for the professional and personal self-improvement. I think his a leader from the birth and he is improving by reading the specific literature. As to me, he may become a great boss in future. I made him my exemplar; because I have always liked the way he is speaking with people and how quickly they become his friends. He is always happy, because all his life is the goals meeting. I dreamt to smile rather than to be sad and he’s showed me that everything I need is to have balance in the soul and enjoy the things you are doing. I believe that my friend is an effective leader because he met his goals: to help me to understand who I am, what I want to do all my life and to be self-confident. His effectiveness is lying in the ability to ask, hear and speak, to understand people (he had a genuine desire to help me), his knowledge in psychology, his open mind and creativity.



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