Writing Guidelines Established in an Organization

Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) is a United States Pentagon contractor charged with many construction functions. The writing guidelines adopted by the company are spelt out in the corporate policies dealing with Business Conduct. These are divided among several business units that the company operates. The policies are under the Index of Code of Business Conduct and are updated regularly whenever need arises.

The company gives a summary of the Code. It has included writing guidelines regarding all communications the company makes with the outside world. There are also rules guiding internal relations between the company and employees.

The company also has writing guidelines regarding that stipulate how information is made public. Others include internal control measures, and procedures for keeping records. A system is also in place for reporting any irregularities witnessed in the course of doing business. This is divided into sections including conflict of interests, commercial bribery, fraud, harassment, and other malpractices. There are writing guidelines regarding how the mentioned practices should be reported.

The company also has writing guidelines regarding the way it carries out its daily operations. There are guidelines the company follows when dealing with international business. This includes writing guidelines between the company and the United States Federal Government concerning contracts. There are also writing guidelines regarding communication with offices such as Health Safety and Environment.

In summary, the writing guidelines for Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) are not specific but vary depending on the business unit. They form part of the policies relating to the ethical and legal standards of the Company.



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