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Holistic Disaster Recovery
  1. Every year horrible outcomes of the series of disasters become a part of the people’s life in all regions of the planet. During the 20th century, more than a million people have been left without their homes because of the hurricanes that also seriously changed lives of 3.5 million people. More than 10 million people have been left homeless because of the typhoons, earthquakes and cyclones (Stokowski, 2012). In the 21st century, these numbers are growing at a frantic pace. All these data demonstrate high necessity of the professional disaster recovery assistance before and after the accident. It is possible to find professionals and trained volunteers able to help the community prior to a disaster in the local division of the Red Cross or to seek for the professional assistance in the American Nurses Association. The Senior Policy Analyst of the organization underlines that they provide their help for the nursing professionals and common people. They also train new volunteers together with professionals in order to give them ability to realize their full potential when trying to help people during the disaster and after it. Moreover, it is possible to visit to seek for the information about the preparation methods from the Department of Homeland and Security.
  2. There are a lot of points that have to be underlined as the important ones for the people who try to recover after the disaster. However, it is possible to underline three aspects that represent the highest importance for the individual. First of all, it is essential to take care of yourself and your close people. It is necessary to announce that you are alive and not seriously harmed, addressing to the Red Cross’s Safe and Well program (Torgovnik, 2012). Give time for the professionals to check whether the territory of the disaster is safe, and then you can assist them as a volunteer. Therefore, the second point is to restore your connection with the rest of the world as fast as possible. Try to get online in the nearest time and define where your community is, sharing and getting the new information. Try to fix and arrange all the information in the database. The third thing that is necessary to do is to organize a large number of people and volunteers for the quick and rapid help provision to the community.
  3. After the disaster, a lot of people are seriously injured, both physically and mentally. The produced trauma can be followed by the post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, it is important to make people use therapeutic services and programs in your community after a disaster. If my neighbors got injured in a disaster, I would have tried to carefully monitor the symptoms and provide them with evidence of the effectiveness of the professional help and therapeutic assistance. The method of watchful waiting can also be useful in order to see whether the symptoms are getting better or worse; therefore, you are able to effectively solve a series of symptoms (Getz, 2012). The main outcome of the therapy has to correspond to people’s expectations. Hence, I would have tried to demonstrate them the main benefits of this service. I think that my help as a volunteer could have been extremely useful in such situation as it is easier to communicate with the neighbor, who is a person you are familiar with, than to be treated by the unknown professional. For this reason, I find that it is vital to provide my neighbors with both physical and psychological help in case they are slowly recovering after a disaster that can cause serious problems for people’s health.


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