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Dante’s Inferno portrays contrast of divine. It fails to justify why, more severe sins attract less punishment. A sin punished in the eighth Circle of Hell like an act of bribery, should be considered worse than most of sins punished in the sixth circle of Hell, such as murder. In this case, it fails to portray the value of human life since God in real terms would punish murderers more than the fraudsters. Dante considers violence less evil than fraud: of the two sins, fraud constitutes the grater opposition to God’s will. This is the reverse of the truth. Dante talks about the idea of dead sinners repenting and proceeding to heaven, which is a direct contradiction to the bible. There is no second chance for salvation beyond this life.

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In the complex and lengthy Japanese novel, The Tale of Genji, all Buddhist priests attend court ceremonies and sessions, women become nuns after disappointments in marriage, jealous spirits possess the bodies of Genji’s wives and mistresses. Folk superstitions work their way into the most dramatic of adventures. The above varied and apparently conflicting religious activities pose questions about the portrayal of divinity. This book depict God as having a right hand, ears, feet, a back, and so on. The bible is so clear that God is everlasting, unlike human beings; this contrasts with human knowledge. The moral standards supported by the religious beliefs and practices in this book contrast the actual state of affairs.

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In Hamlet, divinity is available in very many aspects; Hamlet is ready and willing to avenge the death of his father who died in the hands of a fellow country man. The Christian teachings are against revenge while Hamlet goes ahead to plan on how to kill the person who killed his own father. Shakespeare argues that human lives are as a result of chance, destiny or fate which has some divine powers over peoples' lives. He further observes that human lives are as a result of god’s intervention and kindness. In such situations as portrayed above, different portrayals of divinity are available.

In Don Quixote, Spaniards believe in God; he has a belief that god has a plan for him and that he must do His will. God makes everything possible for those who believe in Him; He is the protector who protects those who remain faithful in him. He goes to war with this mentality hoping that his team will become victorious. The relentless campaigning in the name of God, however, lead to both Don Quixote and Spain’s decline. The stress placed on Spain’s economy by these beliefs, drive the country further and further into a dire financial situation. God's influence is particularly low since He is not able to help those who believe in him at their time of need. 

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In a thousand and one nights, there is a story of King Shahrayar, who after betrayal by his wife, Swears never to trust a woman again. He decides to marry a different virgin and kill her the next morning. In the Islamic religion, life is sacred. It is common knowledge that only God has the mandate of taking one’s life but here, the king kills on a daily basis. The Arabs believe in God; they look forward to him to restore their health and enrich their lives. Yunes, one of the characters are almost dying, and his parents have to ‘buy life’ in the hospitals by spending long nights and days in the hospital room. This incident contrasts the role of God as the protector of life. The parents are reluctant to go to hospital because they believe in divine powers, but failure of such powers makes them review their stand.

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