How the Past Affects Us Today

The Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution are two notions that describe the period of great changes in intellectual, social, scientific and cultural life of Europe during late 1600-1800s.

It was the period of revolutionary discoveries and progressive ideas that unveiled the minds of people who have been living blindly till that time and in compliance to whatever they have been imposed with. The philosophical progress had been supported and reaffirmed by the scientific discoveries. Galileo Galilei supported the sun-centered model of the solar system, which has undermined the authority of Catholic Church; Isaac Newton - formulated fundamental laws of gravity and motion; Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Francis Bacon, John Locke and Rene Descartes made a great contribution in the philosophical thought. Descartes’ and Rousseau’s ideas gave a stimulus to the further development of philosophy and are still examined nowadays. It was the period of the general awakening after the “Dark Ages”, and those changes touched upon all spheres of life.

The effect of Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution is priceless. One of the main heritages of that epoch that has affected modern society greatly is the development of an independent thought and questioning everything, making your own decisions and looking for the true reasoning instead of blind belief.

This period made a great contribution to the development of personal freedom and intellectuality. The fruits of these social, cultural and philosophic changes are, to my mind, the freedom of personality, freedom of thought and democracy that we can enjoy now. And, of course, technical progress which would not be possible without discoveries and inventions made at that time.



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