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Problem Solving Skills

The capability of effectively solve problems is one of the greatest gifts that human being can possess. This is because it does not only help one to find solutions to problems, but it is also a great educational tool. Therefore, I chose this topic because many of my close friends are facing a lot of problems in school. I have been looking for ways to help them overcome their problems without deeply involving with them. I also have a friend who hates school and therefore, I aim at finding the best way help him appreciate school.

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The best method I can employ in helping my friends solve problems affecting them without hurting or getting myself involved is by engaging a third party in the problem solving process. I will look for a trustworthy and a responsible individual who will be able to deeply engage with this particular friend of mine in the problem solving process. Among the people I can choose from are my teachers, a known peer counselor, and an influential member of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) or a student leader, for example, the students’ chairperson.  This is the individual who will go through the stages of problem solving together with my friend, for example, discussing with him why he hates school in order to understand and define the actual root of the problem. The involvement of the third party will ensure that I am not physically involved in the actual problem solving process. Lack of my physical presence in the process will also ensure that I avoid any form of physical or emotional injury that I may be exposed to during the process. Physical injury may occur to me because the friend may get violent towards me during the discussion possibly for he may view me as an intruder into his privacy or because he may get emotional, but in a situation where he is handled by a teacher or a PTA official, he may not get violent. On the other hand, I may get emotionally hurt as a result of the story and reasons he may give behind that particular problem. I must admit that I am emotionally weak who touching and personal issues easily bring me down, therefore, a third party will prevent me from getting emotionally hurt.

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My sole responsibility will be to provide the third party with the necessary guidelines of problem solving. I will do this by explaining to him the procedure and the skills he or she will use to dig out information from my friend. This will help in understanding the problem and in formulating possible solutions towards the problem. To prepare the guidelines, I will follow the stages used in problem solving process.

As stated by Hardler (2013), the first step I should elaborate to the third party is how to define the problem. This will help him understand the root of the problem and also where the problem exists before he can take any action. The second step, I will explain to him is how find possible solutions to the problem. At this stage, he will have to analyze the problem and collect all the relevant information in order to understand the problem so as to come up with the best courses of achieving the set objectives. The third step is to evaluate the most appropriate solutions among the ones he will have formulated and then implement it with my friend.

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In addition to the stages solving a problem, I will encourage the third party to employ problem solving skills. Kaiser (2013) mentions that problem solving skills are also important as they will help him effectively put into action the solutions that he have. They are analytical and logical skills that he will use in comparing, evaluating and selecting the course of action in helping out my friend. During the research process, I realized that I lacked the appropriate skills to solve problems since I never used to follow the necessary steps of problem solving process as stated by Hardler (2013).

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