What Emotions Cause the Behavior of Crying?


At the birth of a child, the first thing that a child does is to cry. People view this as the first confirmation that the child has come out alive. Other individuals, however, believe that the child cries as a result of the environmental change, i.e. a change from the mother’s womb to a harsh and competitive world. Crying, however, is commonly known as a highly effective mode of emotional relieve as well as a tool to ask for help, for example, when one is physically or emotionally hurt.

During child development, they cry for different reasons. At infancy, crying among children is common because of the following reasons; they may be, hungry and needs food, wet and needs changing or hurt and are feeling pain. It is their method of communicating their emotions to parents and adults. This is because, at this stage, children are not developed enough to talk like a normal adult, hence; they cry. It requires one to be particularly keen in order to figure out why a child might be crying. This is because they are not able to talk and tell exactly what is wrong with them. Children cry when they need to communicate and they leave you to figure out what is wrong and respond appropriately.

At the age of three to four years, the child is now developed, but their language skill is not quite developed for effective communication. At this age, a child may cry for reasons slightly different from a child below two years. The emotional antecedents resulting to a child’s cry here include; hunger, loneliness, sadness, exhaustion and insecurity. He or she may cry in order to attract attention as a result of boredom. They may also cry when they feel emotionally scared or sad which makes them feel neglected and not loved. Emotional stress is another reason as to why children at this age cry; they do so in order to release this stress.



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