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The Research Paper


Business organizations, companies, and other firms normally use various factors of production in order to produce final goods and services. Products sales to customers are according to various pricing techniques structured by the management. The factors of production include land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. These factors receive rewards at the end of a certain period according to the level of performance or other perceived traits. Key among these factors of production is labor; it is vital in the sense that it consists of workers, management, and even consumers of the products of the firm (Robins, 2001).

The thesis of this research paper is: The outgoing or promoted managers should be tasked with the responsibility of recruiting their successors to ensure continuity in the organization. According to Ajman (2004), various firms use these factors of production in different quantities; quantity determination is by market value of factors, availability, product mix, and government policy regarding the use of various resources in an economy. When it comes to the human capital or labor, the factors like availability, level of skills and experience, motivation, and terms of service play a vital role in determining the supply.


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According to Gist (2004), business organizations are always on the look out to ensure that they get the employees, who have the necessary skills and experience. The supply of skilled people determines the nature of the remuneration that companies or organizations pay to employees (Ross, 2003). In a situation, where the supply of such people is low, the firms will respond by offering better terms of employment, so as to attract the required work force. For an organization to hire an employee, many factors have to be put into consideration. Apart from skills and experience, a firm will look at the role of the incoming individual, his/her contribution to the overall objective of the firm, and terms of service that the individual will demand.

In this paper, I, as a senior marketing manager promoted from the post of a marketing coordinator, will select an individual, whom I think is most qualified and up to the task. I will take responsibility of supervising whomever I chose as my successor. For me to be able to play my new role well and to achieve the set goals, I have to engage in a thorough job analysis exercise and produce a job description. I will use the job description to develop a recruitment plan and selection strategy.

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The selection strategy shall involve testing and interviewing; I will have to assess the capabilities of the applicants in order to come up with the best candidate. I will hire the best candidate with regard to capability and merit. I shall come up with the evaluation techniques that I will use in monitoring the progress of the new marketing manager. Basing on my experience and understanding of that post, I will determine the amount of salary and explain to both the management and the incoming manager the reasons, as to why I recommend the amount.

This paper is about job analysis; it refers to a comprehensive, rigorous approach to highlighting significant aspects of a job. It is a detailed statement of work behaviors and other information relevant to the job. It is also a purposeful, systematic process for collecting on the important work-related aspects of the job (Adams, 2000). Sounders (1997) describes it as a dynamic study of a job or job family.

To be able to achieve the goals set by this paper, the scientific management theory of organizational behavior is considered to achieve the expected outcomes in this paper. Scientific leadership theory of organization behavior is an early theory, which focuses on the ways the jobs are carried out to improve efficiency. According to Cross (2004), the first step in scientific leadership is to determine the objectives of the firm. Next, performance levels definition is necessary to replace the older components. Here, it assigns workers to the specialties, because managers believe that the selected individual is the best. The optimum method of operation determination occurs after that a standard time for job performance definition. Companies then select workers according to their fit to these new job requirements and nurture them to the standard work methods.

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My company, Universal Technology, is in search of a new marketing manager, since I, as the former manager, got a promotion to the post of senior marketing manager. The company deals with the software and hardware manufacturing for computers. Its products meet the needs of both domestic and international clients.

Qualifications of marketing manager:

  1. Be a holder of an undergraduate degree specializing in marketing. MBA will be an added advantage;
  2. At least 5 years working experience in a busy marketing environment;
  3. Must have a post graduate diploma in computer related aspects or its equivalent;
  4. Must be a member of any registered professional marketing body;
  5. Must have a good understanding of global marketing and be able to in a multi-cultural environment.

Job Requirements:

  1. Evaluating and researching new product opportunities, demand for potential products, and customer needs and insights;
  2. Constructing the general marketing strategy and executing the plans for existing products;
  3. Working with product development department to manage new products;
  4. Managing campaigns for launching new products;
  5. Managing channels of distribution for products;
  6. Ensuring effective marketing communications regarding the company’s website and advertising.

The job of the marketing manager involves the above specifications, of which the best candidate must portray high levels of understanding, before I recommend him/her for the job. My recruitment plan bases its mandate on the academic and professional outlay of a given candidate. The plan includes advertising the vacant position to the public; in this case, I will use the print media and the web to pass the message. The message shall include the specific academic and other skills required, nature of the job, and dates of interviews.

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The job of the marketing manager is open to both the current employees of this firm or any other person, who meets the minimum requirements. The candidates shall avail themselves on the stipulated time and venue to be able to participate in both interviews and testing. With six senior marketing experts from leading marketing consultancy firms, I will arrange interviews of all shortlisted candidates.

There shall be a panel of seven members in a recruitment board. The selection process will involve both the tests and interviewees. The tests aim is to prove how equipped the candidates are to enable the panel to entrust them with the marketing management responsibilities (Sounders, 1997). The process of selection shall be thorough to ensure that the best candidate is selected. Once the exercise is over, the panel shall analyze and evaluate all aspects surrounding the candidates, and I shall be able to come up with the best candidate, whom I shall declare the new marketing manager.

Performance evaluation philosophy and method

According to Gist (2004), this refers to a periodic systematic process that assesses an individual employee’s work output according to a certain pre-established framework considering organizational objectives. I, as the senior marketing manager, have a responsibility of monitoring the flow of marketing events in the company. I shall make sure that the new manager plays his/her role diligently. Tasks include to ensure that all marketing activities are performed in time in order to realize the marketing objectives. The marketing manager will be answerable to me; he/she shall be reporting his/her weekly progress to my office. The manager will have to consult my office before taking major marketing decisions, such as international marketing.

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Marketing department of my company is always law compliant; I will ensure that the new manager stick to all marketing laws and regulations to avoid any legal feuds. The manager shall be reporting back to my office to evaluate his/her progress. My office shall be advising the manager accordingly regarding the issues at hand.

When it comes to performance evaluation philosophy and methods, I will have to employ a mixture of various methods to ensure that the marketing manager is contributing positively to the overall objectives of the organization. The methods that I shall use are the following:

Management by objectives method

According to Adams (2000), this is one of the most used methods in a company for judgment of an employee’s performance. I shall set objectives for the marketing manager and evaluate his/her performance periodically. I will split the objectives into the short term and long-term. When the manager achieves any of the set objectives, I will reward him/her accordingly. In this method, objectives receive first priority and achieving the goal is more powerful than methodology.

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Critical Incident Method

In this method, I, as the senior marketing manager, will write down the positive and negative behavioral performance of the marketing manager. I will carry out this exercise throughout the performance period and draft the final report. I will arrange for a meeting with the marketing manager to discuss with him/her concerning his/her performance. This is so that I give him/her an opportunity to grow and to establish his/her managerial skills.


I will give the marketing manager an opportunity to carry out self-evaluation. I shall compare the information from this method to that from others in order to gauge the state of affairs. What this technique entails is asking the marketing manager to judge his/her own performance. This is possible by using a form that requires either multiple choice answers or essay-type answers. A combination of the two is useful under some circumstances. The main reason for using this method is that it will enable me to identify any discrepancy in understanding of employee performance (Ajman, 2001). This shall lead to the dialogue between me, the senior marketing manager, and my junior; thus, enhancing good performance in future.

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360 Evaluation

This shall be the last method of performance evaluation that I will subject the marketing manager to during his/her course of duty. This aims at evaluating the performance of the manager within his/her own department and the effectiveness of his/her interaction with the rest of the company (Gist, 2004). This technique shall involve views of other departmental managers. They will comment on his/her overall contribution to the whole firm, as well as their junior employees. These employees will give information on the ways their manager handles certain issues and what they expect of him/her. This method is more effective in that it facilitates an all-round evaluation process, where an employee evaluation is done by his/her juniors, colleagues, and those in higher ranks.

The reason why I will use multiple performance evaluation methods is because marketing is an integral part of this organization. More effort is necessary in product sales and marketing departments to facilitate the firm get ahead. The company has a policy of ensuring that individual marketing managers are accountable for every decision made.

Remuneration Decision

The company has bestowed me with the responsibility of deciding on the level of salary of the incoming marketing manager. I am also liable to explain to both the board of directors and the incoming marketing manager the reasons behind the salary decision. This company has various policies that I shall put into consideration, when making payment decisions. The principle of equal pay shall apply regardless of the new marketing manager’s age, color, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The guiding principles shall be: the candidate’s job-related qualifications, the pay other employees performing managerial tasks get, the salary level and salary range of the position’s job level, and the unit’s fiscal resources. The company will be able to pay the manager other allowances depending on his/her marginal contribution to the marketing department and the company at large. Having been in that position for the last couple of years and bearing in mind the prevailing economic and financial situation, I will propose a salary that will motivate the new marketing manager to work extra hard. The organization is law abiding and, therefore, all the legal requirements pertaining minimum pay for individuals in various job specifications receive consideration (Locke, 2004).

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Training and Growth

This firm has more avenues to facilitate employee training and growth, which lead to the development of skills and experience. When training is facilitated, a company tries to get the best out of its employees, since training facilitates good performance. Serving in the previous position for a long time has enabled me to gain vast experience. This experience leaves me in a better position to help the incoming marketing manager in the career growth.


Regardless of the previous training, education, and experience, the incoming marketing manager needs an appropriate introduction to the job. This shall start from the first day on the job and continue for the first few years of employment. The objective of an orientation program is to enable the new marketing manager to accept his/her responsibility with confidence, to understand what expectations are of him/her, and to feel secure in his/her work environment (Robins, 2001).

In-Service Education

According to Sounders (1997), changing work situations and opportunities generates new programs, new methods, and increases abilities of employees. There shall be training sessions going on to cater for a dynamic knowledge base, new technology, and increasingly diverse customers groups, which demand continuous adjustment in extension personnel.

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Professional Development

There is a comprehensive staff development program, which shall enable the new marketing manager to go for short-term individual comprehensive experiences sponsored by the organization. This shall improve the skills of the marketing manager to a larger extent.

Other opportunities (Ross, 2003)

The organization has a larger library with a variety of books, which the manager can read on his/her own, so as to enhance his/her managerial skills. There are a lot of journals, books, and periodicals, which shall be useful to the new manager. Seminars and other professional meetings are necessary in order to give the new manager an opportunity to improve on his/her skills.

Response to the context

The exercise of finding a successor is quite involving and long; one must look for somebody, who will ensure continuity and achievement of the organization’s set goals and objectives. It is a good idea to let an individual previously promoted to the next management level to participate fully in the process of finding his/her replacement. This is so because the promoted employee worked hard to warrant his/her promotion. The new manager expectation is to follow in the footsteps of his/her predecessor in channeling the business to the next level. The assumption here is that the former employee knows the ways for a manager to become successful in his/her former position; as a result, he/she has to be charged with the responsibility of finding somebody of his/her caliber.

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The thesis statement of this paper is whether a promoted manager is allowed to participate in the process of choosing his/her successor. From the analysis, it is clear that the new manager should be selected and guided by the former manager. The former employee is more experienced and knows the dynamics involved in his/her job so well. Therefore, he/she should lead the process of identifying a qualified individual to take over from him/her.



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